Modified Quarantine and Chill: Movies You Don’t Want to Miss During This Lockdown

We pay tribute to the films and film makers who have helped us all to cope with the months long quarantine and the anxiety brought about by the pandemic.


Paano nga ba masusumpungan ang kahulugan ng buhay sa bartolina ng mga dinding sa bahay? At paano kung ang pagkanaroon pa ng susunod na yugto ng buhay ay sinusukat tuwing makalawang linggo?

Fighting COVID-19 from the Newsroom Front Lines

Working in the media can sometimes be a thankless job. There may be some exceptions for those in front of the cameras. But for those of us who work behind the scenes, we also experience the same stress, depression, excitement and fulfillment, especially during this time of a global coronavirus pandemic. After the Luzon Lockdown…

Coping with Mental Health Struggles During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Living with a mood disorder while in this time of uncertainty is very challenging. Aside from the nagging thoughts about COVID-19, we are well aware that if we leave ourselves unguarded, our quite fragile emotional and mental defenses can easily break down and drag us to a downward spiral. The first week into the enhanced…

Of Home, Hotel and Quarantine — Manila to Macau

Metro Manila was gearing for a lockdown, and I had yet to find a flight to Macau. For an overseas Filipino worker like me, time was ticking. With the impending threat of COVID-19, my travel to Macau and the ensuing quarantine were nothing short of an adventure. March 16, 2020. I was in my small…