Cordilleran Hero Macliing Dulag Who Fought Martial Law Needs Saving Now

An alliance of Cordilleran peoples appeal for urgent support to prevent the demolition of the monument of Macliing Dulag and other heroes.

The Rights and Wrongs of VinCentiments

In their latest controversial piece, the VinCentiments team made an attempt to capture what used to be restrained thoughts of frustration towards online classes.

Why We Fight for ABS-CBN

A Kapamilya reporter explains why they will continue to push for the renewal of ABS-CBN’s franchise.

Never Grey

A millennial professional reflects on what it means to choose a side instead of staying in the middle.

The Common Mistake Every Independence Day

Saying that we commemorate the ‘122 anniversary of Philippine independence’ today implies that we have had our national sovereignty and independence for the past 122 years, which is not historically accurate.

Babaeng BiyaHero: A Free FB Live Webinar from UN Women and ILO

We have a free Facebook Live webinar for you! It features Glaiza de Castro, Kaladkaren Davila and Suzi Abrera. The topic is relevant for today. During this difficult COVID-19 pandemic, how can we make sure that Filipino overseas Filipino workers are safe? This free Facebook Live session will premiere on May 28, 2020 on Facebook…

Three Days in Benham Rise

May 5, 2017—It was a dry and humid day in Infanta, Quezon. I wandered around the fish port, quietly observing the locals. I would occasionally glance on my phone, snap a shot, and try to post it on Facebook. But the entire town is practically a dead spot, making it extremely hard for us to…