Fight worries and anxieties, one candle at a time

Even before the pandemic a growing number of people have been facing serious mental health challenges.

The situational assessment conducted by the Philippine WHO Special Initiative for Mental Health in March 2020 shows that at least 3.6 million or 3.33% of Filipinos are suffering from mental health disorders, alongside substance abuse, and on a global scale, the age group 15-29 years old is the most vulnerable population. 

From the pre-lockdown period, the National Center for Mental Health receives almost 400 hotline calls every month, even spiking to 1,000 calls from April to July 2020 due to the psychological stress that is brought about by the pandemic. 

Breaking the stigma of mental health became a part of the Department of Health’s objectives in promoting holistic mental wellness. 

Take care of yourself

Aside from engaging in mental health-related programs and conversing with loved ones, taking care of one’s self is also highly essential. 

Among the many ways, aromatherapy after a long and stressful day can be of help, as research shows it can be used as a complementary therapy that brings positive effects for anxiety relief. 

The first episode of Anonimo, a podcast series, showcases the journey of a publicity specialist and entrepreneur, Kyla Nicole Paler, and her very own candle brand, Halina. 

Kyla Nicole Paler, the one-woman team behind Halina

“Kami ng mom ko, mahilig kami sa mga pampabango sa bahay… and like most people na naka-quarantine, I was really bored and I wanted something to do… naisip ko, ‘why not try to make my own candles,’” Kyla said.

Made of dreams

Established in October 2020, Halina was inspired from the golden hour, daydreams, and the Kyla’s love for traveling.

Halina’s candles are made of soy wax, a natural and renewable substance that is relatively hard to work with because of its consistency, but Kyla persisted, “The more na I failed, the more na I wanted to keep trying.”

Initially, she made candles as a gift for her friends who encouraged Kyla to turn it into a business. It took her one week to master the craft and after some time, she succeeded. 

Halina now has over 5,000 followers on Instagram and is selling candles (that usually sell fast!), tote bags, and home sprays.

Among the brand’s unique selling propositions are the names of the candles, inspiring anyone who lits it.

  • Balang Araw: Makakarating din sa paroroonan.
  • Pangarap: Kinaya noon, kakayanin muli ngayon.
  • Malaya: Higit ka pa sa sapat.
  • Kundiman: Hindi ka kulang.
  • Tahanan: Babalik at uuwi sa’yo.
  • Sinagtala: Huwag mong kalimutan magpahinga.
  • Muni-muni: Pilitin mong magpatuloy. 
  • Simoy: Kaya pa? Kaya pa. 
  • Puhon
  • Padayon
  • Mahiwaga 
  • Dalampasigan
  • Kalawakan
  • Hardin
  • Hatinggabi
  • Takip-Silim
  • Dapit-Hapon

Truly, the combination of a pleasant-smelling environment and a heart-warming reminder can make you feel safe and secured in your own bubble.

To find out more about the story of Kyla Nicole Paler and Halina, listen to Anonimo’s first episode, now available on Spotify, Apple iTunes, and Anchor.

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Tricia Allyson Salvador is a Communication student from the University of Santo Tomas and currently an intern of

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