PODCAST: One year since lockdown, kumusta ka na?

A year into the coronavirus pandemic we look back to ask ourselves, ‘Kumusta ka na?’

Join Team SubSelfie.com’s Toni Tiemsin, JM Nualla and resident historian Kristoffer Pasion in a look back on the year that has been.

SubSelfie.com’s Relationships Editor Tricia Zafra, who has a Master’s in Psychology, joins the discussion to provide meaning on our battles and tips on taking care of our on mental health amid the world’s longest quarantine.

Beyond selfies and written words, the people behind SubSelfie.com come together to provide relevant and meaningful conversations on the hottest issues the Filipino millennials and Gen Z’s face.

Kasaysayan, pulitika, media, mental health, love life—pag-uusapan natin ‘yan nang masinsinan.

Samahan niyo kaming pag-usapan ang kwento ng ating henerasyon.

For the Episode 0 of the SubSelfie Podcast, we introduce you to the team behind the SubSelfie Podcast, as we attempt to take back what it means to be millennials and Gen Z’s—the sector often been dubbed the “Selfie generation,” which comes with both positive and negative connotations.

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