All we need is love—and more barks and meows

Hugging and petting your dogs and cats helps our body to release happy hormones we all badly need these days.

Beating deadline stress

Deadlines could be challenging, demanding, and sometimes, threatening, especially when there’s poor Internet connection.

Kay Tatay

Suot muli ng Tatay ang fuschia pink na polo shirt noong Linggo. Binili ko sa kanya ‘yun noong huling sweldo. Iyon na ang paraan niya ng paglalambing. Walang ni ho, ni ha. Sa pamilya na gaya ng sa amin kung saan patipiran sa “Thank you,” at iyakan na kapag nagsabihan ng “I love you,” yun…

Staying Away from Online Toxicity

We will continue to rely on the Internet for safer interactions, so here is something to make us better understand behavior in cyberspace to protect ourselves from toxicity, disinformation and misinformation.

The Sixth Spice Girl

‘Nothing could change the fact that, viva forever, I was the Sixth Spice Girl.’