Finding peace, manifesting wishes through charms, crystals

Self-care equates to being at peace with oneself. 

With everything that’s been happening around us, it can often make us feel overwhelmed and exhausted physically, mentally, and emotionally. This usually results in neglect of one’s overall health, and one way to avoid this is through practicing self-care.

World Health Organization defines self-care that which encompasses hygiene, nutrition, lifestyle, environmental and socioeconomic factors, and self-medication. 

History has it how early civilizations harnessed the magic and power of charms and crystals as part of their self-care regimen. 

Egyptians used chrysolite to protect themselves against evil spirits. Greeks used amethyst to prevent intoxication, and the Chinese would use crystals for traditional medicine.

Unprecedented lockdowns and quarantines have led people to seek new and old ways to protect their inner peace and promote wellness, so crystals have made a resurgence. 

For this Anonimo podcast’s episode, Editor-in-chief Toni Tiemsin and his co-host Carla Moreno, are joined by the Wellness Guru and proprietress of of the Davao City-based Love, Luna, Maikee Bulacito.

The universe calling

She used to be a microbiologist and was also a frustrated sales professional. She later found love and home with her charms and crystals.

“Hindi ‘yon yung gusto kong buhay. Tapos I started applying for a sales position. Sabi nila, ‘ah, ‘di ka pwede kasi wala kang background sa sales. Eh, gusto ko talaga ng business, gusto ko ng marketing. Pati insurance, pinatulan ko na. Umabot ako sa point na inis na inis ako sa trabaho ko… parang nag-burst out ako because, siguro, sa burnout sa pressure ng work… Sabi ko, ‘I really need to do something… At that point in my life, I need to wear something. Maybe that can help,” Maikee said in the Anonimo podcast. 

Her early exposure to crystals was from her mother who practices certain Chinese beliefs. As a newbie, she started with onyx that can be typically found in malls. 

“It started as a hobby, but then, may nangyari. I ordered something really expensive and when it reached my hands… it’s a peridot… ‘ay fake siya.’ I was really disappointed,” she said.

To best is yet to come

This urged Maikee to source out legit crystals herself and started with a P2000-capital. From one or two items at a time, her shop grew bigger, from 2018 to the present. 

Love, Luna is a Davao-based shop that specializes in stones, crystals, and essential oils for positivity and abundance.

The shop’s name came from Maikee’s first huge crystal, an aura quartz, that she named Luna. Most of its market is from Manila because she sells her items almost 50% cheaper than Manila rates. 

Manifestation through crystals

She also shared the crystals she’s currently wearing.

  • Lapis lazuli: Targets the throat chakra. This encourages wisdom and communication. It is also associated with self-awareness, strength, courage, and truth. 
  • Tanzanite: A rare stone that is good for the crown chakra. It possesses a high vibration and is recommended for good stress management. 
  • Faceted Ruby: An unprocessed pinkish or purplish crystal that helps people in forming relationships and brings out your passion.
  • Tourmalated Quartz with Piyao: Used for protection against bad intentions and grounding, most especially for people who do a lot of things. 
  • Moonstone: For the feminine energy and new beginnings. This also improves one’s intuition and compassion towards others. 
  • Gold Rutile: This encourages money and abundance. It also strengthens your motivation and willpower. 

Matching intentions

Wearing and using crystals as a form of self-care is not necessarily linked to a certain religion or belief.

And it is also important to keep in mind that you should not be too attached to the crystals and the practice should be free-flowing instead. You know yourself best and you know what you need. 

Quoting 90’s TV icon astrologer Zenaida Seva, at the end of the day, “Hindi hawak ng mga bituin ang ating kapalaran. Gabay lamang sila. Meron tayong freewill, gamitin natin ito.”

Find out more about Maikee’s fun stories, wellness promotion, and energizing and cleansing tips, alongside Toni and Clara, by listening to Anonimo Podcast: Wellness Guru Maikee Bulacito. Now available on Spotify, Apple iTunes, Google Podcast, and Anchor.

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