Top 7 ‘Notes on Self Love’

Indie publisher Conquer Mag has just released its first e-Book, Notes on Self Love, which tackles regaining one’s self and choosing yourself amidst all the challenges.

Thimoty Romero’s e-book is a path to discover more and love yourself deeper than yesterday. 

To give you reasons to read the book of Thimoty who happens to be part of Team, here are seven pointers to be exact:

1. It talks about YOU.

Notes on Self Love highlights your self-worth and essence for living. You might be on a tough road right now, feeling unmotivated and anxious about your self-growth. This e-book will give you room to value weaknesses as a stepping stone to cultivate and flourish. 

2. It offers deep self-commitment. 

It’s easy to say that we love ourselves but it is very hard to explain and do so. There are circumstances in life that tend to value others more than oneself. This e-book will make you more aware of yourself because it directly addresses problems on emotions and meditation. You’ll know the reason why you must choose yourself before anyone else. 

3. It creates a comfort room for the word ‘vulnerability.’

Are you one of those people who choose to build walls and stay in your comfort zone to make less mistakes? This e-book accepts your vulnerable side and favors you with such choices. Humans are not created to be robots, it is normal to feel sad, tired, and accept that you are weak at times. That acceptance will let you recognize your weaknesses and build a stronger you to face harder challenges. The best feature of strength is knowing and accepting your weaknesses.

4. It points out that healing takes time, no rush and pressure.

This e-book will encourage you to value time and progress. It is not easy for anyone to heal after an unwanted incident, even if it takes years – it is not something you have to apologize for. One of the best examples of growth is healing and it should not be a luxury – savor your healing process because it teaches you how to feel.

5. It highlights forgiving yourself.

People make mistakes, unintentional or not. Your decision can always affect others but mostly yourself. This e-book will lead you in light why you should forgive yourself for taking a risk and failing. It will clearly describe the weight of forgiving yourself and why it is the best decision you’ll ever make in your life.

6. It provides a realization that yourself is not your enemy, but your best company.

You might be pointing your fingers to yourself, throwing shades, and devaluing yourself because you see others better than you. Your failures are results of your decisions but that doesn’t mean that you get to fail all the time. This E-book will give you the benefit of the doubt for yourself, why you should manage your emotions, and why there’s a need to connect to people for self-development.

7. It answers the most ironic question – why we hate ourselves the most.

Do you ever feel this emotion of despising yourself because of bad decisions and unceasing rejection? Where you feel suffocated of your own self? 

Register here to get your free copy of Notes on Self Love.

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Airah Bombase is a Broadcasting student from the Laguna State Polytechnic University – Sta. Cruz and currently an editorial intern of

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