@ 6 Years Old!

2020 is a difficult year. The COVID-19 virus may have locked down the entire world, but it has never locked down the words and stories of

While the global quarantine has been very challenging, there have been stories of perseverance and stories of hope.

You may have forfeited your summer for an extended home vacation. In the meantime, we’ll give you a virtual visual tour of the Netherlands

…and New Zealand. Eye candy!

For the Netflix fix of the millennials, Gen Z and the young at heart, check our top movie recommendations.

Of course, top Pinoy films as well.

Plus some of your Korean crushes crash landing on you.

If your eyes get tired from watching too much, fix your eyes towards green leaves and be a plant parent!

While it is important to maintain physical distancing during this time, has been cooking up a mass gathering of talents in our team. We welcome new members of Team SubSelfie!

Gerald Gloton and his visual essays such as these MECQ newly-weds.

Kris Pasion, our resident historian, and his factual flashbacks such as the common mistake we usually make during Independence Day.

Sheena Cases and her wisdom on mental health.

Aries Oliveros and his platform for campus stories.

Last but not the least, Marvin Enderes and his perspective as an OFW in Macau.

A big improvement from our fifth anniversary last year! Now, join us as we keep the momentum rolling. Heads up: continues to be a platform for stories of passion and purpose — written in your perspective. Email us at if you wish to submit a draft for our approval.

Where there are attempts to silence, we shall endure. Even with the shutdown of ABS-CBN, freedom of the press will find a way to spread its wings.

For our 6th birthday, rest assured we didn’t have a mañanita that violates social distancing.

[Entry 319, The SubSelfie Blog]

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