Alpha-Lipids is the new booster for a child’s brain dev’t

This breakthrough ingredient enhances a critical brain process that helps determine working memory performance and intelligence in children.

Raising an exceptional child is no easy feat, especially when 90% of your child’s brain develops before he reaches the age of five.  Five years is so short compared to the rest of your child’s life, which is why AlphaMoms—on-the-go moms who have the highest standards—understandably want the best nutrition and education for their AlphaKids—children who have sharp minds and think fast.

One breakthrough ingredient that AlphaMoms need to watch out for is α-lipids (Alpha-Lipids). This ingredient, along with other brain nutrients, is crucial in myelination, the process that promotes faster brain connections.

Faster brain connections = faster thinking

Every second, your kid’s brain typically makes more than one million neural connections, allowing brain cells to transmit information efficiently. The faster these links are created, the better it is for your child’s brain development.

Brain connections impact lifelong learning and success. In today’s fast-paced information age, having faster brain connections is even more important as they lead to efficient information processing, which means faster thinking. The process that enables this development is myelination. During myelination, the nerves in the brain are wrapped with protective coating allowing for faster and more efficient transfer of information.

A well-myelinated brain enables faster brain connections critical for learning. Researchers stress the importance of nutrition in promoting these brain connections.

α-lipids (Alpha-Lipids): The key to your AlphaKid’s future success

You might be wondering how you, as a mom, can enhance these brain processes. This is where α-lipids (Alpha-Lipids) come in.

α-lipids (Alpha-Lipids) contain five major phospholipids needed for brain development. Also known as intelligent fats, Phospholipids support the structure and functions that are important for brain connections.  α-Lipids (Alpha-Lipids) help speed up brain connections up to 100x faster through myelination.

Without the right nutrition, your child’s brain development, as well as physical growth, can be affected. It can impact their learning process and may result in them being less interested in learning.

Enhance your AlphaKid’s brain development with Promil Gold Four

The good news is you can help enhance your child’s brain development right now by giving them the best nutrition.

Give your child Promil Gold Four—the only growing-up milk that contains the breakthrough ingredient, α-lipids (Alpha-Lipids). Promil Gold Four also provides important nutrients for brain development, including DHA, AA, Choline, Lutein, Zinc, and Iron. And most importantly, moms have long trusted this growing-up milk!

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