This project is the video component of SubSelfie.com, an effort to help boost mobile journalism. Not everyone is a filmmaker or videographer and certainly, not everyone has a high-end camera. But why should that get in the way of visual storytelling? In #SubStory, we can shoot with smartphones.

The idea came one late night in Timog Avenue when Ephraim Aguilar and Lian Buan were discussing climate change stories in Bicol. The story would be better told in video, but none of them had DSLR cameras. So they maximized what they had. 

Our first episode is about the Lumads. This is a story of a tribe’s struggle for ancestral land and the hurdles they face by simply wanting education. We would appreciate comments for our first baby steps. You are welcome to contribute too!

The Lumads of Surigao del Sur
[Episode 1, October 25, 2015]