The Ten Commandments for the Millennials

The Ten Commandments for Millennials. Written by Jervis Manahan for

Here are some insights that will help millennials live a better life.

1. Never discriminate people based on race, gender, religion, social status, and cultural beliefs.

And if possible, never discriminate at all. The world is better when we respect each other. After all, we are created equal.

2. Drive defensively.

Imagine if all drivers give way, signal before changing lanes, stop even if the light is yellow, and do not honk unnecessarily. The roads will be more peaceful. All people caught in heavy traffic are having a hard time anyway. Do not make it even harder.

3. Assert yourself.

It is just right to reason out if you believe you are on the good side. Even to your parents, to people bigger, higher, or more powerful than you are. If you lose the argument, be level-headed still. Wisdom isn’t attained overnight.

4. Try listening to happy music before you sleep.

And even upon waking up. Your rhythm and beats (i.e. your favorite songs) are so powerful in determining your mood for the day.

5. Accept that we can never ever be objective in anything in life.

We’ve been wired to be subjective as we have not been raised with the same set of skills, beliefs and backgrounds. When somebody calls you “biased,” just tell them that it is normal, because we all are. In news writing, what we should strive for is accuracy and fairness.

6. Do not read the comments section.

Trolls are the cancer cells of social media. They are not worth it.

7. Offer yourself to causes bigger than you.

Have an advocacy. It may not be as grand as saving the environment or educating the kids from the poorest families. It may be the petty things you’re passionate about. Fighting for our advocacies put deeper meaning in our lives.

8. Acknowledge your sadness and weariness.

Just because you cannot endure anymore does not mean that you are not capable of making it. Indulge in your guilty pleasures when you feel lonely. Rest when you feel tired. We are all humans.

9. Do not be selective when being polite and courteous.

Apply the same values in dealing with your bosses and the street dweller outside your home. Be kind to the waitress, the beggar, your colleague, your professor and the guard. If they do bad things to you, believe that there is poetic justice.

10. Like victories, failures are also fleeting.

It’s not constant. It is not the end of your life. Try again. Look for another path. Open up to new ideas. Seek new opportunities.

[Entry 236, The SubSelfie Blog]

About the Author:

Jervis Manahan.

Jervis Manahan is a News Reporter for PTV 4. He is a Contributor and part of the original roster that founded the site. He was previously a News Writer for 24 Oras and Unang Balita, and a News Researcher for State of the Nation with Jessica Soho. Broadcast Communication 2012, UP Diliman. Read more of his articles here.

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