Wondering Which K-Pop Playlist Suits You Best? Take This Quiz

From groovy K-R&B hits to K-Rock’s electric vibrations and K-Hip Hop’s spitting rhythm and flow, Korean music is one of the most eclectic and diverse genres on Spotify.

If you are still undecided though, why not take this simple personality quiz from Spotify’s dedicated K-Pop Twitter channel @SpotifyKDaebak to help you expand your K-music horizon.

If you’re still unsure which genre you belong to, fret not as Spotify introduces 13 new and revamped playlists on its K-Pop Hub.  It is the one-stop destination for fans to discover the world of K-Pop and immerse themselves in Korean artists, genres, and songs with over 50 playlists today.

To cater to the increasing popularity of these soundtracks, Spotify has curated two new playlists for this genre including Korean OST Instrumental and Best of Korean Soundtracksto accompany fans reliving the moments of their favourite shows.

Often created with original soundtracks, Korean dramas like ‘A World of Married Couple’, ‘Hospital Playlist’, ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’, and more also boast their own unique audio identity that continues to exist beyond the show.

One of the newest playlist additions to the K-Pop Hub includes Cool K:IDs Rock– Spotify’s signature playlist for Korean Rock anthems offering fans a glimpse into South Korea’s burgeoning rock scene.

Users can discover and enjoy the alternative sounds of Korean Rock from bands like DAY6HYUKOHand more. Also found within the hub are also updated playlists like TrenChill K-R&B featuring soulful Korean R&B acts like Crushand DPR LIVE, as well as K-Hip-Hop +82, which highlights the most exciting artists in South Korea’s hip hop scene and its array of homegrown rappers, from mainstream to underground.

Here’s an overview of the new playlists on the K-Pop Hub:

  1. Cool K:IDs Rock: Discover the latest Korean rock bands shaking up the status quo.
  2. TrenChill K-R&B: Previously known as Sexiest K-Grooves, this playlist reflects the latest R&B sound featuring smooth tracks with soulful vocals.
  3. K-Hip-Hop +82: From Jay Park to Nafla, this playlist introduces Korea’s many talented rappers, both mainstream and underground.
  4. Best of Korean Soundtracks: Relive those favourite Korean drama moments with these classic soundtracks.
  5. Korean OST Instrumentals: Stream the best of Korean drama OST instrumentals.
  6. KimBops!: From reality shows to newly released tracks, this playlist features Korean tracks trending around the world.
  7. Korean Old Vinyls: Kick back with Korean Old Vinyls, a nostalgic playlist that includes classic songs from the ‘70s and ‘80s.
  8. K-Pop Ballad Hits: Indulge in mellow and sentimental K-Pop ballads.
  9. Tropical K-Pop: Like the summer season in Korea, Tropical K-Pop will have everyone grooving along to the hottest K-Pop dance music.
  10. K-Club Party: Party alongside the latest and greatest K-Pop dance hits on K-Club Party playlist. 
  11. Nolja!: Press play on these familiar 2010s K-Pop jams.
  12. Girl Krush: From Red Velvet to BLACKPINK to ITZY, this playlist features everyone’s favourite “girl crush”.
  13. Satang Mix: All the sugary-sweet tracks from K-Pop’s favourite ladies.

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