I had no job, no money, no dream. But then, life happened.

‘Yes, sh*t happens. But miracles do, as well.’

Ramblings on A Rough Christian Journey

Sometimes, we feel like we are at peace with how we or others see ourselves. But when those times come when that peace is put to the test, we get to ask many questions—ramblings when the journey gets rough.

Not a Lost March: A Tribute to ‘Corona’ Graduates

I heard the call of home from more than a thousand miles away. I went home to my alma mater, Sindangan National High School, to address its 2019 graduands. That was a year ago, but it remains one of the most meaningful journeys I have ever made. As I sat among school officials and dignitaries…

Never Grey

A millennial professional reflects on what it means to choose a side instead of staying in the middle.