Unchecked sore throat may lead to serious infections

If not given immediate attention and proper treatment, a sore throat can easily progress from mild to severe and lead to complications as well as the possible infection of others.

Sore throat is an ailment that can strike anytime, anywhere. It usually sets in quickly, starting with a scratchy sensation in the throat. It is important to be wary of this disease, keeping in mind key information for better management and treatment of sore throat when it occurs.

Managing a sore throat starts with knowing its symptoms. Aside from a scratchy feeling in the throat, other common symptoms of sore throat include pain that worsens when talking or swallowing, redness in the back of the mouth, hoarseness of voice, and a mild cough.

“It’s important to look out for any of these signs so you can proactively nip a sore throat in the bud,” said otorhinolaryngologist, Dr. Teresa Luisa Cruz. “The earlier you do so, the less chances it’ll lead to more troubling health concerns such as serious infections, airway compromise (breathing problems), and late diagnosis of tumors.”

Brought on by either a viral or bacterial infection, a sore throat has, over the years, been typically treated using popular home remedies. These short-term fixes include gargling with saltwater solution, drinking ginger or honey tea, sucking on a clove of garlic, and steam inhalation. All of which provide only temporary relief instead of addressing the root cause of the sore throat. 

“As with any disease, a sore throat requires treatment that is science-backed and evidence-based,” added Dr. Cruz. “One good example is using a medicated mouthwash that contains Hexetidine, which works to reduce the concentration and infectivity of sore throat-causing viruses.”

Several studies in the past have confirmed Hexetidine’s therapeutic role in the treatment of oral infections and maintenance of good oral health. When compared to salt water, it was found that Hexetidine provides two times longer protection against sore throat-causing viruses.

The one sore throat remedy you need to know

With Hexetidine as its active ingredient, Bactidol® kills sore throat-causing viruses in as fast as 30 seconds and provides protection that lasts for up to 12 hours. “This effectiveness, compared to other sore throat remedies, is what makes Bactidol® the number 1 sore throat brand in the country,” said senior marketing manager for Self-Care of Johnson & Johnson (Philippines), Inc., Karlo Patron.

One can choose between two formats of Bactidol®, depending on what the situation calls for: Bactidol® Gargle, for use at home; or Bactidol® Lozenges, for those who need to treat their sore throat while on-the-go.

About the Author

Gina Costante is an editorial intern of SubSelfie.com and student of Broadcast Communication in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.


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