Free ‘poetic tarot reading’ offers immersive experience

These poetic tarot readings remind us to keep in touch with our spiritual selves

Founder and Chief Storyteller of Conquer Mag Thimoty Romero has released his latest online poetry book called “Luminous Divinations: A Collection of Poetic Tarot Readings.”

Romero says “Tarot is a way for us to appeal to our souls, that there are times when the body and the mind can only do so much, and we only have our souls left as our one, truest, possession that cannot be sold to nor taken away from us.”

An immersive reading experience

The e-book can be read in two ways: either going through it just like how one would do in a normal poetry book, and the other involves a four-step process to truly immerse the reader with the experience of a Tarot Reading session.

“I have come to understand that the art and value of Tarot lies in the circumstance in which the cards appear to us… tarot readings are applicable to any person because of the probability and the likelihood of them ever experiencing the phantasmagoria of thoughts presented in the flush of Tarot cards,” says Romero, adding that what makes every tarot reading special is the circumstance in which the cards have appeared.

The first step involves scanning a QR Code that leads to the “Directory of Poetic Tarot Readings.” By then, readers will be taken to a modified Spinning Wheel (powered by Wheel Decide) and will be asked to click the wheel to get a designated page number.

Once they get a page number, they only need to refer to the Table of Contents and skim through the respective page number to view which poetic tarot reading they have landed on.

“The last part involves allowing yourself to take in the reading, and of course, enjoy it,” adds Romero.

“Although it may appear as a random occurrence, the Tarot reading draws power and relevance from both the actual and the perceived realities that we have,” furthers Romero.

Confronting weaknesses (and overcoming them)

“This e-book serves as a testament to how I am capable of recognizing my own weaknesses, and rising above the challenge and do better for myself,” says Romero.

As a self-proclaimed materialist, Romero, himself, does not really believe in Tarot, nor does he even recognize the validity of superstition. However, Romero thinks that these reasons make him a reliable writer to write “poetic tarot readings.”

A reading that works for everyone

“Every reading has a multitude of interpretations and can have an endless number of messages to trigger our souls to come out of our hollow shells and take charge of our lives for what they intended it to be,” says Romero.

Romero explains that it doesn’t take too much to convince someone that Tarot is real – or if it even makes sense. Because of our own personal biases, we are the ones who end up convincing ourselves that the Tarot cards speak the truth.

“And in turn, these thoughts alone shape our psyche,” adds Romero.

Romero furthers by saying that the prism of interpretations magnified by what lies in our souls’ truest and deepest hopes and wishes is represented by the eye – as it is mostly used as a primary element to formulating his narrative.

Romero aims to give away his poetry book for free, and asks for his readers to donate what they can to support his page as well as his writing endeavors.

“Given that my target audiences are mostly youth and young professionals, I think it would make sense for me to give my works away for free, as how I have always done it in the past,” says Romero.

Romero has already e-published 2 e-books – with Luminous Divinations being his third one. He has released an online collection of essays entitled “Notes on Self Love: Why you need to be kinder to yourself,” and a poetry zine in collaboration with a local poetry page, Mga Piyesang Kumupas.

He gave out all of his works for free, as well.

“I can’t really put a price on something that came from my soul. Which is why in terms of support, I can rest easy and leave it to my readers and support me however they can. And they have consistently made sure that they were a part of my writing journey, which makes me proud to be the kind of writer that can reach out and make meaningful bonds with my readers,” says Romero.

You can register an order and claim Romero’s poetry book for free by using this link:

“I hope that you find yourself resonating with these poetic tarot readings. I wish for all of us to lead lives that are worth living, and are pleasing to our own souls,” says Romero.

Romero ended his statement by citing the popular phrase:

“Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t.”

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