My Last Day at PTV

My Last Day at PTV 4. Written by Lala Babilonia for

I was just writing my script for PTV’s 9pm newscast when my news desk approached me that the department head, Mr. Edgar Reyes, wanted to talk to me.

Little did I know, he would tell me to no longer report to work.

That was the night before the end of my contract as a News Reporter for PTV. That night, June 29, 2017, I was informed by Mr. Reyes, that the editorial board decided not to include me in the next line up of reporters.

I asked, “how about the 15-day prior notice?”

It was clearly stated in our contract that the employer may pre-terminate its talents anytime by giving them at least a 15-day notice prior the intended date of termination.

However, Mr Reyes just answered (non-verbatim), “Kaya nga endo, ‘di ba?”

To terminate employees is management prerogative. My only concern is the violation of my right to be informed 15 days prior to the non-renewal of contract. I am renting a place in Quezon City, and I was solely depending on my income at PTV to pay my expenses.

In the past few months, there had been a series of terminations at PTV.  Same as I, those talents were also not given a 15-day prior notice.

When I was still with the network, I reported on the government’s campaign against end of contract or what we call ENDO.

Ironically, I became a victim. So did my my former colleagues.

I hope that the government would look into this problem, especially that President Rodrigo Duterte expressed his support for the state-run PTV.

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About the Author:

Lala Babilonia

Lala Babilonia was a former reporter for PTV and for GNN. She once covered the AFP beat. Lala is a graduate of Ateneo de Naga.

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  1. clarydavid says:

    I remember my OJT days, it was so thankful and blessed to be part of Philippine News Agency babies. Because we just not learned about news, but we are lucky because we see and visit the different government news agencies and PTV is one of it 🙂


  2. crazyshooter says:

    NLRC and DOLE handles such issues and is in a great position to help you, please seek assistance. It is soooooo ironic and sad that the very government that campaigns an end to ENDO can’t even police its own. Hoping for the best for you.


  3. Kit Madera says:

    Right. Seek redress if need be. If the network really had intended not to renew the contract, then it should have notified Babilonia so within the 15 day period to the expiry of the cocntract.


  4. It’s sad how our very own government cannot even follow labor rules in order to protect its own. I feel your pain. Have you already sought a lawyer’s advice? After all, both you and I feel there’s a clear violation of the labor code here. A lawyer could explain to you properly your rights. While NLRC could give you a good opinion if that right truly is violated or not. Just sharing a thought of course.


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