My Last Day at PTV

I was just writing my script for PTV’s 9pm newscast when my news desk approached me that the department head, Mr. Edgar Reyes, wanted to talk to me. Little did I know, he would tell me to no longer report to work. That was the night before the end of my contract as a News…

From the Frontlines of Marawi

The siege was already on its ninth day when my cameraman and I flew to Marawi. It was an assignment I was anticipating since the day firefight broke out in the city. Our defense reporter rode a C130 on the second day, and I was asked by the desk to replace her after a week….

Understanding the Angry Christ

Churchgoers would know that most images of Jesus Christ were of a loving man. While there are biblical accounts of Jesus Christ being angry, he was never pictured like that. That is the most baffling part of Angry Christ.