Globe revives Filipino festival spirit with exciting, innovative XP

Globe aims to reignite the joy and fun of festivals and make these more memorable online and on ground via the GlobeOne App and Globe Rewards.

Globe prepared a slew of fun activities at this year’s Kadayawan Festival to thousands of subscribers as they celebrated a year of bountiful harvest and blessings.

Numerous pop-up booths were dispersed all across Davao and at different malls that ensured people were getting exclusive treats from Globe.

A week-long activation called the “Globe Passion City in Kadayawan” at Computer World, Roxas Avenue, made Globe and TM customers’ festival experience more extra. The Passion City featured experiences such as a Tiktok stage for those interested in creating their own content through the Creator Pod. Gamers were also tested on how well they know their favorite Mobile Legends Characters with the Globe Gamer Grounds booth. Other subscribers also sang their hearts out to the latest hit Kpop songs at the Kmmunity Karaoke Korner! Aira Daniella, better known in the region as “Katik”, shared a wrap up Tiktok video on all the fun happenings that went down on the Globe Passion City.

With the GlobeOne App, subscribers were able to use the power of their Globe Rewards points to redeem exclusive freebies and treats. For as low as 1 reward point, they were able to use their points as currency to purchase items such as Malagos Chocolate Ensaymada.

People also partied like rock stars at G Kadayawan Parties at Stre3ts and Boozter and sang their hearts out at the Pinatingkad ang Kadayawan Concert, featuring performances from The Dukes Band, Globe Virtual Hangouts GoJAM Winner Jo3M Manzanares and I Belong To The Zoo.

Finally, customers of various telco hubs and retail stores at the NCCC Victora Mall enjoyed extra special deals via the Globe One app during the festival period. Check out this video to watch the fun and relive the moments powered by Globe.

#GlobeMaskara puts back smiles

Meanwhile, the Masskara Festival this year was even made more special not only because people came together again to physically celebrate, but also because Globe made sure connections and bonds were made stronger through more colorful festival experiences that brought smiles back to their faces.

The city of smiles also enjoyed Globe Passion City’s fun-filled activities through a series of booths and events such as Kmmunity PH, where those who love anything Korean freely expressed their love for their biases and even showcased their inner KPop moves. Kmmunity PH also launched the search for the next Kmmunity Kreator where interested subscribers crafted their Tiktok content highlighting various K-Culture interests from music and the arts to recent trends and their biases through the Kmmunity Kreator Lab.

Virtual Hangouts became the go-to hub for other festival-goers, as it gave them access to a passion portal enabling them to do the things they love with beyond-this-world activities through the metaverse. Customers were also thrilled to make their own avatars inside the metacampus, and even got a chance to win a new Samsung Flip 4 Phone while completing missions inside the metaverse.

E-sports enthusiasts were not left out as well because Globe Gamer Grounds prepared a special treat for them! The gamer hub gave Bacolodnons their GGWP moment with the VR Gameplay Arena, where they were able to play a VR game through Oculus Quest. Aside from that, they were also ecstatic to have taken snaps with their favorite Mobile Legends and Genshin Impact characters as local cosplayers posed with them inside the Gamer Photo Wall.

Special treats and merchandise were also up for grabs! Using the GlobeOne App and their Globe Rewards Points, subscribers redeemed their very own Masskara shirt, Starbucks vouchers, SMAC Start Kits, and even Kim Seon Ho Photocards. In addition, as a special Masskara deal, customers were also able to get a soda can for only 1 reward point.

And since any festival isn’t complete without a concert, #GlobeMasskara Music Fest brought in thousands of subscribers to a 3-day event featuring performances from local DJs and talents, renowned DJs Tom Taus, Catherine Lee, and Ron Poe; the proud Davao talent, The Dukes Band; and headliner band, I Belong To The Zoo. 

Wrapping up all the fun happenings that went down in the Masskara Festival 2022, Globe was able to successfully bring communities back together and recaptured the pre-pandemic festival moments where people were able to soak in the fun and energy they have been missing. Watch the exciting activities here.

“As our situation slowly improves, Filipinos are hopeful and excited that they can soon experience the fun and the energy they’ve longed for, plus the respite that festivals can bring from the hard realities of everyday life,” says Pia Gonzales-Colby, Globe Chief Marketing Officer. “This is why Globe is elevating their festival experience by bringing innovative activities and treats online and on ground.”

“With Filipino festivals coming into full swing this year, it’s time to fully immerse yourself in the festivities and soak in the good vibes–as Globe elevates your experiences with innovative activities and exciting rewards!” Gonzales-Colby says.

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