‘Colours of Wellbeing’ makes Asian premiere in ArtScience Museum

Co-curated with Science Gallery Melbourne, MENTAL: colours of wellbeing will present over 20 interactive exhibits and large-scale installations by international artists, makers, scientists and designers that confront societal biases and stereotypes about mental health. In addition, there are seven artworks by Singaporean and Southeast Asian artists that explore mental health from uniquely Southeast Asian perspectives.

Singapore’s ArtScience Museum invites visitors to embark on an intimate and personal journey that explores mental health and wellbeing.

Making its Asian premiere on September 3, MENTAL: Colours of Wellbeing will be a welcoming space which offers different perspectives and stories across the mental health spectrum through the interplay of art, science, and technology.

The artworks featured in this exhibition take on serious topics in an accessible way. Rather than dwell on mental ill-health, treatments or cures, the exhibition will embrace the diversity of the human mind and its complexities. The works will challenge visitors to reflect upon, question, and empathise with what it means to be human, potentially changing their perspective of themselves, others and society as a whole.

Mirror Ritual (2021) by Nina Rajcic and SensiLab.Installation view at Science Gallery Melbourne. Image courtesy of Alan Weedon.

MENTAL will be a dynamic and colourful playground where visitors can explore different ideas and perspectives surrounding one of the greatest challenges of our time.

Wheel (2021) by Hiromi Tango, Dr Emma Burrows and Dr Tilman Dingler, Installation view at Science Gallery Melbourne. Image courtesy of Alan Weedon.

From a human-sized rainbow wheel and a mirror that reads emotions to a giant balloon trapped in a pink cage, the exhibition will feature projects that are experimental and interactive, asking questions and encouraging visitors to explore and contemplate the human condition through science, technology and creativity.

Distorted Constellations, 2021 by Nwando Ebizie. Installation view at Science Gallery Melbourne.Image courtesy of Alan Weedon.

First presented at Science Gallery Melbourne at The University of Melbourne in the earlier half of 2022, this exhibition was originally developed in consultation with a group of young adults in Australia alongside experts and academics from the sciences and creative arts. Taking inspiration from the lived experiences of young people, the exhibition offers a sensitive exploration of mental health from various perspectives.

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