Expecting the ‘dirtiest and most vicious’ PH elections yet, social media remains a battleground for 2022

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In a recent social analysis of local online content posted in April 2021, buzz all around the net shows mixed insights and discourse among Filipinos online—only a few months away to the official National Election Period, which begins January 9, 2022.

The study conducted by media intelligence company Isentia looked into almost 17,000 buzzes on local Twitter, Facebook, blogs and forums.

While it excludes the traditional Philippine media to which almost half of the population still relies on, the Isentia white paper, entitled “Change is Coming Again: Trendspotting Study On The 2022 Philippine National Elections,” provides a snapshot on the temperature of the electorate a year before they vote for the next President of the Republic.

This was how the conversation surrounding “Eleksyon” looked like in April 2021.

Courtesy of Isentia

So, 400 days into the pandemic and just more than a year when this data set was run, Filipino netizens were relating the 2022 National Elections to the following themes: dirty and vicious campaigning, President Duterte and ayuda.

Courtesy of Isentia

Choosing the next leaders

Despite the many events surrounding the upcoming National Elections, it is still essential for voters to discern the information they receive.

There have also been concerns on how Filipinos choose their candidates, as some would vote based on what they see and hear, and not with what they believe is the right candidate to choose.

The question presented among us has always been “Which political alignment is better?” and not “How can we be of better help to our fellow Filipinos?”

Expect heightened misinformation

Marianella Pascual, Insights Analyst, Philippines, said, “In the upcoming elections, we can expect a lot of fake news to circulate online.

“People have their voices and opinions based on who they want to be in the position. Voters must be well-informed on who they will vote for, so they can make decisions without the influence of misguided information. Fact-checking of politicians, especially on social media, is a must.

“A data-driven report from a well-known media intelligence company like Isentia can help Filipinos with these important decisions.”

Campaigning online and offline

Isentia’s Regional Insights Manager for Emerging Markets of Southeast Asia, Lady Ochel Espinosa adds, “The 2022 Philippine National Elections will be a big revelation in terms of perceptions and how voters will be receiving the kind of narratives and messaging potential candidates in national elections will push into both mainstream and social media spaces.

“Over the years we have seen personalities packaged as brands and with the right PR and comms or marketing teams backing the personality’s branding, can pivot how news and social media conversations will be consumed.

“A year from now, we will have new leaders in the highest positions of the land, and if they want to make the best decisions and strategies, uncovering insights through media intelligence will support their next steps by knowing what to leverage from, avoid, and to pivot when necessary.

“In the coming months, the average Filipino voter needs to listen, monitor, and uncover the right insights before making the ultimate decision that can make or break our nation’s future.”

Part 2 of 2 coming soon

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