#RIPPNoy got netizens think about renal health, EJK, #Eleksyon2022

The internet can turn any event, including death, into a social trend and collective thinking.

The Absurdity of Social Media Arrogance

In times where advocacy is grossly platformed in social media, it cannot be denied that a lot of self-righteous personages emerged from the flickers and clacks of their computer screens and keyboards.

Bashing Buknoy Glamurrr

It cannot be denied that the controversy of Andrew Luis Lapid (aka Buknoy Glamurrr) surfaced numerous expressions of hate and further discrimination towards the queer community.

100 Days without Facebook

Is there a way to have a Facebook profile without growing too attached to it? Maybe a Facebook detox can help.

Online Harassment: Dawn of Justice

Editor’s Note: This is the sequel to Tricia’s article: The Best Defenses v Online Harassment I was attentively observing in the mirror what the guy was doing behind me. My mind raced to recall self-defense moves from Mr. Miyagi and Mr. Han of Karate Kid movies as I remembered a number of rape cases that…

The Best Defenses v Online Harassment

It was the most uncalled-for comment I encountered on a Facebook post I uploaded on Monday, March 21, 2016. Worse, when I saw it, it had been there for an hour already. I cringed and felt so helpless and hurt knowing at the back of my mind that oftentimes when a woman gets disrespected and…