Take your happy pill, take a break

In life there are times that we experience setbacks, and when we do, we cannot avoid the feeling of frustration and worse, stress.

I remember a major problem I had when I started to work on a project and the progress was not going well as it is supposed to, until my sister noticed me breaking down in front of my desk. She gave me a little candy and told me, “You know it’s good to take a break sometimes.”

From that point, I realized that as our lives get busier, we often forget to live in the moment, and appreciate what we have. So I took a break and had a nice conversation with her and the next thing I knew, I was doing well at that project. 

Sometimes, we find wisdom in the most unlikely of places, and for me, that little candy will always remind me that it’s okay to relax, slow down, and enjoy your life. 

As kids we were always told not to eat too much sweets and candies, or at least not binge on it because it may lead to tooth decay and other dental problems. But we can’t just resist eating even a single piece sometimes! 

Including the classic TicTac we used to love as children. From a variety of flavors that we can choose from, such as orange, mint, spearmint, strawberry, and cola, it surely is a classic favorite. TicTac has been our go-to mint candy ever since and a beloved brand at that. 

In a recent virtual event, TicTac celebrated #ItsGoodToChill to promote taking it slow, to chill and relax especially for people on the go. TicTac reminds us that it’s okay to relax a bit and let go of their worries even for just a short period of time. 

#ItsGoodToChill aims to uplift the mood of these people and ease their minds as we become more anxious about being stuck in our homes.  

The event on April 7 was held in partnership with Tier One Entertainment. Host Sarah Carlos was joined by several personalities: Aerial Garcia, Julian Trono, Christian Bautista, Aryanna Epperson and Martin Javier. 

All of them received a surprise box, but only one box got a PlayStation 5 console inside. Julian got it, but the rest were still given a chance to win another one through a pop quiz game. Aryanna bagged the last PlayStation 5 console for the event.

You too can take home a PS5!

Luckily, through the #TicTacForTheWin promo running we get the chance to also win a brand new PlayStation 5. Twenty consoles are up grab every week until May 21. Anyone residing in the Philippines can join: 

1. Purchase TicTac.

2. Register and upload your receipt at tictacwin.com 

3. Get a raffle entry! 

With reports from Tricia Allyson

About the Author:

Bernard Joel Victorio is a Marketing sophomore in the Adamson University and currently an editorial intern of SubSelfie.com.

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