New Moon Messages for Your Sign this February 2021 (Part 2)

Feeling the need to move forward? This month’s new moon might have something to do with that.

On Friday, February 12, at exactly 3:05 AM PST, the moon enters another cycle happening in the fixed air sign of Aquarius. 

Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius embodies transformation and the sense of community. The celestial combo of the new moon and Aquarius heightens the little rebel within us, and might urge us to start something new, set fresh intentions, or even restart a passion project. 

Guiding you in your journey are drawn cards for the zodiac signs below. You may look at the short guidance for your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Venus signs. 

As these are short, general readings, take what resonates, and leave what does not. The tarot are mere tools of empowerment to bring the universe’s messages to you.


Clear the past, heal the present

Take this as a sign to forgive yourself and move forward. You will soon learn that whatever it was that burnt you in the past has served its purpose and that you are now in a journey towards a certain fulfillment.

You are powerful and you are far greater than the sum of your frustrations. At this point, now that you are stronger, smarter, and braver—healing is no longer a process, but a choice. 


Walk in beauty

Harness the power within, Scorpio. You have planted seeds of intentions and have worked towards a more powerful version of you. It is time for you to truly own it.

Rest assured that the universe is aligning to pave way towards this manifestation. A celebration is in order, as you are finally stepping into the light that have always been waiting for you.


All is possible

Even the greatest of optimists have moments of doubts, and that is perfectly alright. The world is not always rainbows and butterflies, but your will is strong, and your dedication is incomparable.

Things might not be moving as fast as you hoped for, but a new leaf is unfolding.

Prepare yourself, for whatever it is that you have always hoped for will present itself in the most unexpected of ways. March on, your world is widening, and exciting things await. 


You are cherished by the angels

Feelings of betrayal has led you to close yourself off and might have triggered insecurity and deep sadness.

You have been living inside a wall, not allowing anyone to get close, without realizing that your defense mechanism did nothing but make you feel even more miserable.

In the darkest night of February, may you find the light and understanding that no matter how many walls you build, you are surrounded by guardians who will catch you when you fall. Your frantic search for justice from the betrayal you have felt will only lead to more heart breaks. Instead, allow yourself to experience a new chapter. You deserve a new start.


Success expands in your life

There is a celestial gathering in your home, as if welcoming you to the culmination you have longed aspired for and worked hard on. This is your moment. It was an uphill battle, but you fought hard and long, and finally, triumph awaits.

After all the things that you have gone through, the fighter within you persevered. Guided by the experiences you gained—good or bad—you will now have a better understanding and appreciation of the world around you, Welcome to your new life, you will own this.


You are a beacon for others

You may find yourself in an endless battle that has left you battered, powerless and immobile. The circumstances you have been facing recently are nothing to joke about, they may even have left you scarred.

However, never underestimate the drive that has kept you going. It is far from over, but each day, you are stronger, and you are well on your way to lord over your situation. Know that just by existing, you inspire others to push forward.

You are doing much better than you can ever imagine, never discount your efforts.

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About the Author

Carla is a storyteller, endlessly inspired by people’s passion and motivation.

As a tarot reader, her goal is to guide people to understand themselves better and empower them in their journey through self-acceptance.

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