New Moon Messages for Your Sign this February 2021 (Part 1)

Feeling the need to move forward? This month’s new moon might have something to do with that.

On Friday, February 12, at exactly 3:05 AM PST, the moon enters another cycle happening in the fixed air sign of Aquarius. 

Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius embodies transformation and the sense of community. The celestial combo of the new moon and Aquarius heightens the little rebel within us, and might urge us to start something new, set fresh intentions, or even restart a passion project. 

Guiding you in your journey are drawn cards for the zodiac signs below. You may look at the short guidance for your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Venus signs. 

As these are short, general readings, take what resonates, and leave what does not. The tarot are mere tools of empowerment to bring the universe’s messages to you.


Everything is smooth sailing

The wheels are turning, and the universe is granting you a much-deserved respite. You may find yourself in the middle of a chaotic situation, causing you to succumb to negativity and confusion.

This new moon is a reminder that nothing is permanent and when you are at your lowest, there is no way to go but up. 

A much calmer and ideal situation is up ahead, don’t sit on it—push on and move forward. Let go of whatever it is that weighs you down and tap your inner strength, happiness is waiting. 


You stand in the light of truth

Take heart and march forward. Trust in the courage within and the wisdom and knowledge granted by the cosmos. The compounding circumstances surrounding you might have planted seeds of self-doubt.

The Aquarian energy this new moon is encouraging you to face these circumstances head on and live your truth. You know more than anyone else that life is not always sweet, but you are steady; and you are stronger.

And although it might not feel like you have accomplished much in ages, acknowledge the things you have endured, and that you are exactly where you need to be at this very moment.


You can overcome anything

Free yourself from the invisible chains you’ve imposed on yourself. Don’t overthink and overcomplicate things. You know very well that you have prepared yourself to this transformation, and the only—and most important—thing left to do is to take that step. The new moon is the best time to move on.

Let passion drive you and rekindle the fire within that you have long ignored. Harness that courage, and with so much love and light inside, there will be no room left for darkness and fear.


Take a risk, venture forward

Your loyalty is immeasurable, your patience, endless. However, this same loyalty that you have been proudly wearing like a crown might turn out to be the blinders that continuously morph the situation around you.

Peer inside and remind yourself of what is important. Re-assess. Reunite with your core values. What is it that truly brings you joy?

Let the ever-changing phases of the moon inspire you to realize that transformation is inevitable. Start anew and let go. Choose those who choose you. 


Go slow, take time

Remember that there are things in life that you cannot control. Surrender and trust the process.

Take comfort in the idea that you have done all that you could, and now is the time to temper things down. The situation you are in might be far from ideal but remember that you are always being guided by the warmth of your chosen tribe.

Take this experience as a lesson that sometimes in life, trials are necessary to appreciate the triumph. As the moon enters another phase, so should you.

Be kind to yourself and recognize what you have done so far, it is half the battle won. 


The Time is now

Why are you doubting yourself? You have put in long hours and worked yourself to the bones, to the point that you have always put other people before you.

What is keeping you from choosing your own happiness?

Right now, you are faced with an important decision, and you know exactly what the answer is. You know you are strong and powerful.

It is time that you realize your full potential. Do not let your fear of failing hold you back, abundance is waiting. 

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About the Author

Carla is a storyteller, endlessly inspired by people’s passion and motivation.

As a tarot reader, her goal is to guide people to understand themselves better and empower them in their journey through self-acceptance.

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