Because It’s Christmas

Nothing shines the brightest than a child’s face at Christmas.

You see the glimmer in their eyes as they watch their family build and decorate their Christmas tree, their joy in every step when greeting relatives and friends. You could really feel their anticipation as they tear the wrapper of their presents and witness the excitement on their faces as they wait for the clock to strike 12 during Christmas Eve.

But as we grew up, especially now that we live in a pandemic, we get shrouded with negativity, problems, responsibility and uncertainties. We forget the true spirit and magic of Christmas.

Noel Milan’s cover of “Because It’s Christmas” originally sung by Barry Manilow reminds us to never lose the sense of childlike wonder in us.

The song encourages us to take a step back and rediscover our capacity to spread love, positivity and kindness to everyone.

It makes us realize that the true gifts of Christmas are not the material presents under the Christmas tree but rather the people surrounding it.

Noel Milan is a singer-songwriter and jingle maker who is renowned as the Barry Manilow of the Philippines. He is famous for his hit song “Smile” along with “You’re So Far,” “Sa Aking Pag-Iisa,” “Malayo Man Ako” and “Where and When” released under Octo Arts, now PolyEast Records in the 80’s.

This season, may you relive the child in you that chooses to love, sees the good in everything and continues to hope for better and happier days to come.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

About the Author

Subselfie - Apple

Apple Gamboa is the Life Editor of

She is also the Creative Team Lead of PayMaya, the leading digital financial services provider in the country. 

She was previously a Media Relations Manager for Ogilvy Philippines and an interview and field producer for GMA News programs Quick Response Team and News to Go. She was also a producer of lifestyle TV shows and documentaries. Travelling and music are her passion, and taking risks is her reality medicine. Journalism 2010, UST. Read more of her articles here.

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