Tagaytay through Innocent Eyes

Tagaytay through Innocent Eyes. Written by Apple Gamboa for SubSelfie.com

The children of Virlanie Foundation used to roam the streets. Fortunately, it wasn’t too late to return their childhood to them. One morning, I joined a team that took these youthful souls to Tagaytay.

Our first stop was Paradizoo. The children interacted with different animals and it was such a beautiful sight. Some were eager to feed the rabbits, sheep, and ostrich. Many fell in line to ride a pony too! When I was still a kid, I never enjoyed these trips but when I looked at them, I saw wonder and happiness.

Paradizoo with the children
Paradizoo with the children
Feeding the rabbits
Feeding the rabbit
Riding a pony in Paradizoo
Riding a pony in Paradizoo

I watched them wander around the zoo: laughing, running, smelling the flowers, holding the hand of a friend and giggling together. Sometimes, people forget how carefree they once were while they were still young.

High spirits
High spirits
Beauty and the Beholder
Beauty and the Beholder

After lunch break, we went to Sky Ranch. Inside the theme park, the kids ran from one ride to another, ecstatic with their choices.

I just sat there, staring at their faces as the ferris wheel took them closer to the clouds. I realized that I want to make these kids happy as much as I can. Every child deserves to feel they weren’t born in this world alone. They need love. Maybe you can also put a smile on their faces. 🙂

Virlanie Foundation Inc.
Yague St., Brgy. Singkamas, Makati  City, Philippines 1204
Tel: +632 895 34 60 | Email: visiting@virlanie.org
Website: http://www.virlanie.org

The Tagaytay Eye
The Tagaytay Eye

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About the Author:

Apple Gamboa.

Apple Gamboa was an interview and field producer for GMA News, particularly the newscasts Quick Response Team and News to Go. She is currently a producer for lifestyle TV shows and documentaries. Travelling and music is her passion and she takes risks as her personal reality medicine. Journalism 2010, UST. Read more of her articles here.


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