Panalo na tayo

Panalo na tayo—anuman ang maging resulta sa mga presinto, sino man ang maging Pangulo sa halalan na ito.

Never Grey

A millennial professional reflects on what it means to choose a side instead of staying in the middle.

Words of Wisdom for Turning 30

For my 30th birthday, allow me to share words of wisdom from family, friends and teachers. May you also find them helpful the same way I find relief, comfort and assurance when reminded of them.  1. Remember, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.  Misfortunes exhaust themselves. – Lolita Lutanco 2. We have to…

Bata, Balota, Meron Bang Magagawa?

Nawa’y gamitin nating gabay sa ating pagboto ang mga aral na natutunan natin mula sa mga nakaraang halalan at mula sa mga taong walang takot na nagbuwis ng buhay para lamang patuloy na ipaglaban ang ating karapatan bilang mga mamamayan.

More on Carrot Man

Note: This is the first time that is publishing a collective stance. Virality and its effects on news decisions are topics close to home. We hope to be able to publish more collective commentaries in the future. What does it take to be viral on social media? Simple. You have to be a good-looking man…