Sex 3x/week keeps relationship healthy, Durex study says

Sexual pleasure plays a huge part in any romantic relationship.

According to a study commissioned by Durex, Filipinos have sex three times a week on average and they agree that sex makes up 15 to 20 percent of a healthy and stable relationship

The Durex survey with 300 respondents found out that Filipinos are open in using products to enhance their lovemaking—with lubricants the sex product most purchased and used by non-married couples.

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Despite this, many Filipinos are still too shy to talk about sex in public, with friends, or even with their partners. Unfortunately, not talking about sex may widen the pleasure gap, leaving people unsatisfied in the bedroom.

A release from Durex says sex and pleasure should be celebrated and a topic that should be talked about.

Normalizing pleasure

Durex, the world’s #1 condom brand, placed sex and pleasure front and center with “What’s Your Pleasure?: A Durex Valentine Quiz Night” held at Dr. Wine Manila in Makati City on February 16.

The quiz, which increased in difficulty per round, featured questions on studies done about sex (for instance, based on studies, sexual pleasure helps improve immunity) and trivia (did you know that only 30 percent of men worldwide are circumcised?). 

Fun and titillation aside, the goal of “What’s Your Pleasure?: A Durex Valentine Quiz” is to normalize conversations about sex, said Camille Taguba, Brand Manager of Durex.

Fatima Gomez, CARE & CRM Manager; JP Nito, Lactum Graduate Trainee; Chrisel Segundo, Health Category Manager; Pam Lapira, Durex Graduate Trainee; Camille Taguba, Durex Brand Manager; Cara Favila, Reckitt Philippines Marketing Director; Sachin Budhraja, Reckitt Philippines General Manager, and Cams Rodriguez, Reckitt Philippines Head of Media & Communications | Photo from Durex

Participants competed in three rounds, each with seven questions, that tested their knowledge on pleasure, sex in pop culture, and protection in the bedroom—courtesy of Durex. The group that climaxed the most points and blew the competition away won a big, big prize of Php69,000

“What’s Your Pleasure?” also featured topics about Durex, with participants answering questions about what condom flavors does Durex offer in the Philippines (chocolate and strawberry), which Durex product is offered as ribbed or dotted (Pleasuremax), and what is Durex’s hashtag (#ComeTogether).

As the quiz night explained, there are various Durex products that can enhance lovemaking and its pleasures. There’s Durex Invisible, ultra-thin condoms that lets you feel nothing to feel everything. Durex Performa, meanwhile, is for someone who wants to perform, as it contains 5 percent benzocaine that can help men last longer. For the lover who wants to maximize every experience, there’s Pleasuremax, Durex’s ribbed or dotted condom for added intensity.  And of course, we can’t forget about Durex Play Feel lubricant that makes it wetter for better pleasure.

“With Durex, we aim to give you a wide range of products to let you explore your pleasure. There is still tension when it comes to talking about this topic. That’s why we want you to see sex and pleasure in a different light. Durex wants to help normalize conversations about these topics to help you unleash your true sexual selves. After all, we believe that there is pleasure in giving pleasure,” Taguba said.

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Durex calls on consumers to #ComeTogether and explore your pleasure. 

Follow Durex Philippines on their social media accounts for more information. Durex products are available in all leading stores nationwide and on Lazada and Shopee.

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