VP Leni shares ‘Chief Homemaker’ XP in latest Baretto vlog

Actress Marjorie Barretto got a chance to discover first-hand presidential candidate and Vice President Leni Robredo as a “Chief Homemaker” during the shoot of her vlog.

Acting both as father and mother to her three daughters, Robredo told Barretto that she has learned to become a Chief Homemaker in their household, similar to how she performs her duties as Vice President.

They also discussed almost about anything under the sun, talking about how they are both asmothers and their family life. Robredo revealed that she’s generous to her children and she always joins them while doing their favorite things.

They also shared stories about their children while cooking chicken casserole and discussed Robredo’s plans for the Filipino youth, opening them to opportunities to become volunteers or future leaders of the country.

The shooting of the vlog went along smoothly as Robredo was easy to get along with and so much easy to talk to, according to Barretto.

“What I learned about VP Leni during the shoot is how much fun she is. How much she laughs,”
Barretto said when asked about her experience working up close and personal with the Vice

“She is so humble and relatable,” the actress said.

Robredo, who admitted that she regularly watches Barretto’s vlog even before, expressed her
gratitude to Marjorie and her family for their support for her candidacy.

Barretto and her children are among the countless celebrities who have expressed support for
Robredo’s presidential bid.

Explaining her decision, Barretto said she decided to back Robredo because of the Vice President’s genuine concern for the youth.

“I am supporting VP Leni, because I see how much she cares for the youth. How she empowers and believes in them,” Barretto said.

“Being a mother to 5 children, it made me appreciate the fact that she had a solid plan for them,” she added.

She also described Robredo as intelligent, compassionate and selfless for opting to continue to serve the country against all odds.


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