Globe empowers Gen Zs to fight pandemic setbacks

While the specter of virus still currently hangs over, the younger generation will not hesitate to fight the pandemic setbacks through the digital world as it becomes the fundamental portal to progress and own their future.

The unfolding of the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated effects among people that is proving to be as much a threat not just to global public health as the virus itself but life in general. Although young people are less at risk, the pandemic proves to be a source of their stress that continues to interfere with their social lives, educational, career goals, and their wellbeing.

During this moment of uncertainty, Gen Z has been dealt a rough hand. The world as they know it has been placed on hold just as they begin to build their own path where they may discover who they can be. Their schooling was halted, their job ambitions were changed, and their plans were refocused on the short term.

However, technology advancements and social media create opportunities to keep these young people safe, informed and connected. They are also among the most active online, interacting with an average number of 4 digital platforms (such as, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram) daily. The same tools also enable and amplify the passion and opportunities towards adulthood.

Raised as digital natives in times of cataclysm, they are one of those who have shown extraordinary determination and resilience. We have seen their determination that will recover and regain control of life. As they grow up, they have some necessities along the way. But all of them have one thing that cannot be negotiated. It’s a smartphone. This small but powerful device has made her overcome those difficult times.

This handy little gadget has opened an endless world of possibilities for everyone, where connections are nurtured, communities are built, and lives are uplifted. Smartphones have played a large role in the lives of Gen Zs, especially now as they power through their adulting journey. Phones allow them to access the latest information, stay connected to their circles, pay bills via mobile banking, book medical appointments online, and many other services with just a few taps.

With Globe Prepaid, Gen Zs can do even more. It has all the game-changing innovations, platforms and life-enabling adulting tools that every passion-driven Gen Zs must have today:

Discover more with Go50 and Go+99, powered by Globe’s superior network

With Globe Prepaid’s biggest promo, Gen Zs can create the best version of themselves and satisfy their craving for discovery with bigger data. With Go50, they can enjoy a whopping 5GB of data that they can use to access all online sites and apps. If they’re looking for something more, there’s Go+99 with a total of 16GB of data! That’s 8GB of data for all sites and apps, plus 8GB for their apps of choice, which they can use to play, shop, share and more. Plus, by signing up via the new Globe One App, they can enjoy free 2GB with these Super Xclusive offers. With Globe’s improved network and consistent 5G fire ups, there’s no limit to what Gen Zs can unlock. 

Customize a promo that fits you perfectly with GoCREATE

Gen Zs can take charge and design their own promo to fit their lifestyle. They can mix and match how long their promo will last, how much data they need, and what apps they want to include. With this, they can discover endless combinations that will suit them perfectly as they fuel up for their various interests or passions in life.     

Drive discovery and Self Growth with Virtual Hangouts!     

With a slew of new and bigger digital events lined up this year, Gen Zs are empowered to level up the way they learn and play with their squad with Globe Prepaid’s Virtual Hangouts. An interactive platform accessed through, it is a portal that provides GenZs avenues to learn and interact with others through virtual campus tours and youth summits. It also allows them to immerse themselves and develop their passion for music via GoJAM, on K-culture via GoKOREAN, and in gaming via GoESPORTS. It becomes even bigger this year with the addition of GoWATCH where young aspiring filmmakers can harness their talent for filmmaking and scriptwriting with the expert guidance of renowned directors and scriptwriters; and with GoHUSTLE where business-minded youth can turn their dreams into reality through various entrepreneurial classes.

Globe Prepaid’s Virtual Hangouts kicked off with a Passion Portal Party last January 29 on the website and Globe’s Facebook page. It was a star-studded virtual event where celebrity guests and influencers such as Dasuri Choi and Rei Germar talked about their different hobbies and passions in life and mentored the viewers on how they monetized them responsibly. Claudia Barretto had a mini concert, Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos hosted a movie watch party, and Tristan or “Yawi” shared awesome tips on pro gaming—making the hottest event for this generation unforgettable.

“Globe Prepaid is committed to empowering its subscribers as they navigate through life and discover the best version of themselves. Through our innovations and services, we ensure that we will be their constant partner in their journey as they own their future,” said Givielle Florida, Globe Prepaid Brand Head.

About the Author

Gina Costante is an editorial intern of and student of Broadcast Communication in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.


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