Getting inked more popular, flourishing this pandemic

Despite the common narrative, tattoos in the country are getting less frowned upon than before.

Sky is the limit for those who want their body to be a canvas—from the skills of today’s pinnacle tattoo artists to the ink and gear that make up their work.

Social acceptance has supported the tattoo industry more and more and this pandemic seems to have lowered inhibitions surrounding tattoos which made it more popular and flourish. 

However, getting a tattoo is not a spur-of-the-moment choice you will just make in your life. If you do have tattoos, you might be wondering whether your reasons for getting them are relevant.

Or if you’ve got no means taken into consideration getting a tattoo, you might be thinking simply what motivates people to get something permanently etched onto the skin—and to put up with the pain that comes with it.

You might be thinking hard about the perfect placement and design, where to get it, the best artist to do it, the precautions to take and ways of caring for the tattoo before they get one. Yet, the purpose and meaning are also of great significance.

Upholding true essence of art

There should not be much to worry about when it comes to Mananato ng Luzon (MAZON).

MAZON Cavite Division specifically brings special offers among tattoo lovers and for those who want to get pierced by offering a promo price for those who would avail their services. 

You can get a minimalist 3×3 size tattoo for only P500 and P400 only for piercing. 100% of the accumulated money from these benefit projects led by Lance Ariel Romero would be donated to their chosen beneficiary. 

“Number one kasi yung passion, and talagang kahit hindi pa ako tattoo artist, mahilig na ko tumulong kasi galing din ako sa wala, kaya alam ko yung feeling na walang tumutulong. Mas masaya ako pag nakakatulong sa iba. So in a way nakakatulong na ‘ko, nagiging masaya pa ‘ko,” said Romero.

MAZON Cavite led by Romero is part of the Mananato ng Luzon Artist Guild International and Mambubutas ng Luzon Body Piercers which is a group that encourage newbie tattoo artists and piercers to develop and excel with their talent by providing tutorial, lectures, and Health seminars.

“Sobrang saya, fulfilling and satisfied na nakakatulong kasi initially pag nakita mo na nakangiti yung mga tao everytime na nakikita nila yung tattoo, mas dumodoble yung saya. Bilang artist kasi, hindi kasi ako nagpapayaman, mas mayaman kasi ako sa kaibigan so ibig sabihin once na naging masaya sila kahit di sila magsalita nakita ko pa lang yung mga ngiti nila, sobrang saya ko na which is di kayang bayaran ng kahit ano,” added Romero.

Take the leap

People have all sorts of reasons for getting one and they want to make it significant and symbolic. That is what makes thinking about getting your first or your next tattoo always fun.

According to studies, people get tattoos for many reasons: for attention, self-expression, artistic freedom, rebellion, a visual display of a personal narrative, reminders of spiritual/cultural traditions, sexual motivation, addiction, and identification.

But having them from artists who do it with a cause might make it a little better. Supporting benefit projects can socially empower tattoo artists and these tattoos can be an ideal way to bring something that can be close to your heart.

“Isa lang ang gusto kong sabihin sa mga clients. Think first before you ink.” Romero said.

MAZON Cavite group of artists is going to have their next benefit event for  their chosen beneficiary, Kenneth Legaspi Bautista, 16 years old. He is currently admitted in PGH and the initial diagnosis for him is “guillain barre syndrome.” Further tests are yet to be done for him. But his body is currently paralyzed and his immune system is drastically going down.

For more information and bookings, you can visit:

Get a price off for your dream tattoo and help the beneficiary of this year’s MAZON Tattoo for a Cause!

About the Author

Gina Costante is an editorial intern of and student of Broadcast Communication in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

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