‘New Year, Better Me’

AS we all struggle TO START THE YEAR FRESH AND INTRODUCE NEW FULFILLING HABITS INTO OUR LIves, Spotify inspires listeners with New Year, Better Me  a curated playlist of podcast episodes by local creators

Of course it’s not easy to turn your 2022 resolutions into lifestyle habits, but Spotify is here to help!

From fitness or financial goals to mindful reflections, these podcast episodes offer insights on how to make space for self-care in meaningful ways, big or small.

On Being Grateful

Take a moment on Pausecast with Hannah Pangilinan, as you start on your own list for a new and improved you. She shares tips on how to go about reflecting on the good, and taking that mindset forward. Pangilinan’s top tips include narrowing priorities down to the most important daily habits, and then scheduling a specific time and place for these. Tune in to check out the rest! 

On a Wiser You

Celebrity couple Slater Young and Kryz Uy discuss whether age equates to wisdom and reflect on what it means to grow in this area on skypodcast. They reflect on what it means to think deeply, how happiness can be about simple, yet intentional choices and drawing clear boundaries. As Young shares how he intends to manage expectations of people around him, “The exercise of thinking about New Year’s resolutions is what makes it worth it.”

Being wiser can also mean learning from the past. On the episode of Adulting with Joyce Pring, Joyce Pring and guest Aaron Atayde reflect on their takeaways for 2021, which includes being more mindful of how and with whom to spend their days and energy. For Pring, this was triggered by the fact that she spent last year as an expectant mother, and for Atayde, it was a conscious decision to be more understanding of others. “Show that you did learn from your past, but know that your experience now is not the experience that you went through the last time. So let that experience unfold by itself,” Atayde imparts. 

On Getting Fitter

Will Dasovich shares his fitness journey in an episode of Superhuman to ring in 2022, citing January as the “official month of self-development.” Part of his growing list for the new year ranges from doing a handstand and splits, to pursuing capoeira and kickboxing to also tick off the “try new things” box. He notes the importance of jotting down goals. “You can’t score if there’s no goal,” quips Dasovich.

On Following Through 

Between Us Queens’s Pia Wurtzbach, Carla Lizardo, and Bianca Guidotti touches on sustainability and the importance of staying motivated by starting with smaller steps and working your way up toward bigger goals. Having people hold you accountable to them is important. For example, Wurtzbach, volunteered to be Lizardo’s buddy, so she can check in on her co-host’s progress throughout the year. The hosts also shared that they have an “accountability channel” that you can join so that together, they can make good on their promises.

“This year should be the time to apply everything we’ve reflected on, everything we discovered, and everything that we planned,” said Pia Wurtzbach. “Tama na ang drawing!”

On Social Issues

Of course, for social causes and advocacies young and old millennials should care about, we are giving you the following SubSelfie.com podcasts. While these are not part of the Spotify playlist above, we hope you get a thing or two from our discourse with our editors:

SubSelfie Podcast

Anonimo Podcast


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