Pokemon Unite is not your typical MOBA

Pokemon makes fans more excited as they came out with the latest addition to their iconic Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Unite.

It’s now out for Android and iOS users and described as Pokémon’s first take on strategic team battle, Pokémon Unite is essentially a game of the MOBA or  Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre, Pokémon Unite is set to take the world by storm.

But, wait a minute, MOBA? Isn’t it that game genre with hundreds of games out already? Well yes, but actually NO! Pokémon Unite gives MOBA a very exciting twist with its take on the gameplay with unique elements that make sure every minute is non-stop Pokémon action. There’s no downtime here, just non-stop PVP battles.

Map Changes – welcome to the arena!

The first thing anyone would notice in Pokémon Unite is the map design. Gone is the 3-lane design that almost every MOBA game uses, and in is the 2-lane map design. Lesser lanes mean easier Pokémon rotation during a game, and everyone can quickly respond to situations in the map, whether it’s backing up allies, defending points or securing objectives.

Pokémon Unite does not stay far away from traditional map elements though as a jungle area is still utilized complete with wild pokemon that give you buffs and extra points. To win in Pokémon Unite, you don’t need to take down towers and make it to the enemy’s central structure, no, rather you earn points and score them in goals that are strategically placed within the lanes. Objectives like  major wild Pokémon are also 100% consistent when it comes to spawning, making sure that you won’t miss it as soon as it happens.

Faster, more exciting games

Pokémon Unite returns to mobile gaming’s roots, and one of the reasons why we love mobile games, faster gameplay. Each match has a 10-minute limit making games more fast paced and keeps the excitement going. The 10-minute limit also means that you can play Pokémon Unite on the go very easily! Taking a quick commute? Play Pokémon Unite!

On a quick break from work or study? Play Pokémon Unite! No need to worry if the game drags on to 20 or even 30 minutes, all you have to worry about is how you can become the best like no one ever was. Also if you think that 10 minutes is still very long, then hop on to the Quick Battle mode and enjoy all that Pokémon Unite has to offer in just 5 minutes.

No need for gold – goodbye AFK farming!

Admit it, regardless of any MOBA game, no matter the platform, AFK farming can be painstaking. AFK farmers, while doing their best to provide impact for their team later on in the game, usually spend a lot of time earning resources to buy items before they can join in on the action, and while it happens one team will have to play very defensively, hugging towers, and staying only within their side of the map.

Well you can say goodbye to that in Pokémon Unite as it completely removes gold farming and promotes nothing but non-stop, strategic action every single game. By replacing gold farming with points that are required to score goals, every single trainer’s impact is more direct to the overall team effort and no one is burdened to try and carry the team solo. No gold, no AFK farming, and games will never be boring.

Ready to try out Pokémon Unite? You can download it now for Android on the Google Play Store and for iOS on the Apple App Store.

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She is also the Creative Team Lead of PayMaya, the leading digital financial services provider in the country.

She was previously a Media Relations Manager for Ogilvy Philippines and an interview and field producer for GMA News programs Quick Response Team and News to Go. She was also a producer of lifestyle TV shows and documentaries. Travelling and music are her passion, and taking risks is her reality medicine. Journalism 2010, UST. Read more of her articles here.

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