FREE movie marathon awaits at Cine Europa 24!

Markdown your calendars until September 29 for Cine Europa 24.

A set of award-winning films from 15 EU Member states are available just a click away, exhibiting the diversity of European culture.

This is in partnership between the EU Delegation and the EU Member States Embassies, together with Goethe Institute Manila, the Philippine-Italian Association and Instituto Cervantes de Manila.

As a way to strengthen support for the film industry despite the pandemic, the film festival took a different approach and find its way to connect with all Filipinos by screening online.

From the usual travels to various cities and provinces in the Philippines, Cine Europa creates an opportunity to continue the annual event and give different life touches to local and international viewers. 

This year’s film festival presents fantastic films with all-in-one genres that will surely bring emotions to a roller coaster ride for the whole month of September.

The European virtual film fest features critically acclaimed Danish, Swedish, Finnish and other Euro films. 

The Film Development Council in the Philippines evinces a significant part in making the event possible. 

Watch the 17 films for FREE from 4 AM to 7 PM. Visit to register for your virtual seats now. Shown below is the screening schedule:

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Airah Bombase is a Broadcasting student from the Laguna State Polytechnic University – Sta. Cruz and currently an editorial intern of

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