Saranghae, Captain Ri!: Hyun Bin graces the #SmartHallyuHangouts stage for his Filipino fans

The Korean wave is at an all time high as Korean Superstar and Crash Landing on You lead actor Hyun Bin virtually bonded with his Filipino fans in Smart Hallyu Hangouts.

Smart Hallyu Hangouts is an exclusive online show made possible by Smart Communications where lucky fans, including us, get the chance to be closer and experience the closest thing we can get to a physical fan meet with our ultimate Oppa.

Hyun Bin was asked to directly look at the camera and say his message to his Filipino fans as if he’s physically facing them.
(Just look at those dimples, guys!)

Korean senior entertainer Park Kyung-lim joined Hyun Bin during the live feed from South Korea as they exchanged questions and interpretations with our host Sam Oh here in the Philippines.

Hyun Bin and Park Kyung-lim exchanges questions, answers and a few laughs during the #SmartHallyuHangouts

Prior to this event, fans were ask to send in their video questions and 5 lucky ones were chosen. There was also a “Yes or No” portion done by Kyung-lim where Hyun Bin was also asked to explain his answers.

Filipino fans had really profound questions about his personal life and 18-year career and Hyun Bin showed another side of him compared to what we see on the big screen by answering the questions with all honesty and thoughtfulness.

Hyun Bin having so much fun answering to his fans’ unexpected questions

But the luckiest among fans were two of them who were randomly selected to have a 1-minute conversation with Hyun Bin via video call. One of them even studied Korean just so she can easily converse with Hyun Bin.

Hyun Bin was also given a surprise via videos of his fans club presidents here in the Philippines and their different tributes to show their love and support for their favorite Korean actor.

To show Hyun Bin’s love and gratitude, he gladly had a group photo of with them and expressed that he’ll continue doing great with his career to make his fans happy.

Here are 10 facts that we got from the event straight from Hyun Bin about his personal life and 18-year career in the Korean entertainment industry. 

1. He doesn’t believe that he was born to be an actor

He shared that one of his first ambitions was to be a detective. He also believes he can be a professional golf player. 

2. He admits to being a perfectionist 

Despite staying relevant and successful in his career, Hyun Bin considers it a slump in his career when he doesn’t like his acting and he tends to have scenes shot repeatedly in a drama or movie to get the perfect part. 

3. He finds happiness in the little things 

In a previous interview, he said that happiness “is close yet so far”. But now, his perspective has change to finding happiness in even the simplest things in his daily life. 

4. He believes that travelling is something that everyone should experience once in their life 

He prefers to travel where the culture and environment is different since that gives a person a different perspective and makes people discover a side of them that they aren’t aware of. That for him is the complete experience. 

5. He likes to read news on his phone 

Even if he is an actor, he admits to reading the news due to his eagerness to know more about the world we are living in. 

6. He doesn’t often cry when he watches drama movies

Hyun Bin has made us cry with almost all of his shows from Secret Garden to CLOY but he admits that he isn’t much of a crybaby when he watches dramas. 

7. He thinks Secret Garden was fate. 

Among all his popular dramas and movies, Hyun Bin really believes it was his destiny to land on his role on Secret Garden, his Kdrama before he joined the army. He also believes the said show is the turning point in his career. 

8. He didn’t want to play any of his comrades’ role on Crash Landing on You 

Hyun Bin shared that if he could play another role in the popular series, he would choose the wiretapper Man Seok’s role since it was exciting and thrilling. 

9. He learned to play the piano when he was little

Hyun Bin shared during the event that he played the piano when he was younger but he forgot all about it and had to relearn playing the instrument for important scenes on Crash Landing On You.

10. He will visit the Philippines SOON 

Hyun excitedly shared that once the pandemic is over, he will make sure that he will come to the Philippines to meet his fans and feel their love and support.

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