Top 10 childhood snacks we miss

For most Gen Zs and Millennials, they used to be carefree kids who hang out with their friends and play nonstop after siesta.

Of course, during break time, it was also common for them to ask for money from their parents and grab their favorite snacks that they could absolutely eat all day, every day. 

To relive those precious childhood moments, let us take a trip down memory lane. Here are 10 snacks from the 90s and early 2000s we definitely miss!

Note: Some of these forgotten gems are still available in the market so grab yours and feel the nostalgia!

1. Tini Wini

For some reason, kids love bite-sized snacks. These ‘smol’ cookies by Monde were always good for sharing with other kids or snacking on it alone (secretly). Monde eventually removed this from the market and replaced it with Sumo mini cookies. 

2. Kimy Jelly Tongue

The Kimy Jelly Tongue is known for its fruity-sweet taste and weird but fun texture. Aside from grocery stores, we used to get this treat from a Nestle ice cream vendor that would pass by our street with their iconic tune playing, which we were always excited about.

3. Meringue

This brandless snack can be found in local sari-sari stores that sell it for five pesos a pack. It satisfied our sweet tooth and we loved its melt-in-your-mouth goodness! 

4. Regent Cakes

This pillowy soft sponge cake was one of our go-to baons for school! With the flavors strawberry, melon, ube, pandan, and mocca (yes, not mocha), our parents could easily pick which flavor we’re getting for a specific school day. 

5. Sweet Corn

Indeed, the sweet corn snack by Regal tasted like sweet corn, but in a crunchy ball form. Several companies produced similar junk food but Regal’s one-peso-junkie will remain superior! Not only is this available in local sari-sari stores, but also on e-commerce platforms such as Lazada or Shopee. 

6. Pompoms

Likened to Cheetos Puffs but made locally, Pompoms is a salty and very cheesy snack that can paint your fingers orange. Based on its packaging, this has been existing since 1986 and until today, Gold Prize Food Mfg. Corp still produces this mass favorite junk food.

7. Lipps Candy

Rebisco Lipps Candy gave us terrible color stains in our mouths and for most little girls, they used this as ‘lip tints’ at an early age! Today, this candy has a lollipop version already and is available in many flavors: strawberry, grapes, tamarind, green apple, and lemon. 

8. Mik-mik

Despite the samid (choke) factor, many kids enjoyed how Mik-Mik was similar to icing sugar. This comes in three flavors: milk, chocolate, and ube powder. Mik-mik is usually eaten with a straw but because the powder can go straight to the throat, some kids prefer cutting the edge of the packet and putting it directly on their tongues.

9. Samba Chocolate Bonbons

These chocolate bonbons by Arcor lean on the pricier side but they were definitely worth buying as kids when Ferrero Rocher can’t be bought. These were also usually given as gifts during Christmas parties! 

10. E-aji Dip Snax

This snack is definitely one of the most missed childhood snacks because the manufacturer stopped producing it a long time ago. It is unique because of the dipping sauce and we remember it being so, so good and irresistible!

Illustrations by Tricia Allyson Salvador

About the Author and Illustrator

Tricia Allyson Salvador is a Communication student from the University of Santo Tomas and currently an intern of

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