CineSpaces: #MoviesThatScaredUs

The coronavirus pandemic led many people to the discovery and pursuit of something they love doing the most, and how else can the passion be kept burning if not shared with others?

For film enthusiasts like Mark, Bill, and Paulo, their love for film birthed #CineSpaces—a live film discussion every Wednesday, 8:00 pm (take note: for free!). It can be accessed via Twitter Spaces—a newly launched live audio conversation feature on Twitter.

A little backstory: Mark, Bill, and Paulo were members of a club by film critics Jason Liwag and Joker Manio. 

“Eventually, most of the members of the club got busy or preoccupied with school and work, and we were part of the few people who persisted,” Paulo shared. 

Mark, then, thought of continuing the club and Bill suggested they shift from film criticism to film appreciation for the benefit of a wider audience. 

Although “there’s a huge difference from movie experiences in the actual cinemas and inside the households,” said Mark, streaming platforms played a huge part in the consumption of films and other media because the platforms made it accessible and ubiquitous to people, most especially during these times. 

They found Twitter Spaces as the best platform for their passion project because their friends had ‘sizable followings’ and mostly because it allows the sessions to be interactive yet controlled. 

Valuable insights from the audience

“With the plethora of movie suggestions, either via sharing of speakers or tweeting of listeners, I was able to understand that Philippine Cinema has a lot to offer from indie films to mainstream ones,” Mark said. 

‘Hidden gems,’ as per Paulo, were discovered from the guests’ recommendations and these were hard to miss. They do not discriminate against films, so commercial and arthouse or festival films are included. Bill explained that “somehow, there is a notion that arthouse or festival movies are better; however, we do not subscribe to this idea since we know that commercial movies have its charm and advantages and that people shouldn’t feel bad if they only saw big studio movies because [they are] easier to find.”

CineSpaces 8: #MoviesThatScaredUs

Spooky season is still months away but for CineSpaces’ 8th session, timeless scary movies were talked about. From the many suggestions, here are our top 10 picks!

Final Destination Series

This series is composed of five movies that revolve around the theme of premonition. The first Final Destination movie was released in 2000 and Final Destination 5 was released in 2011. 

The most iconic scene amongst all was the Route 23 log truck scene of Final Destination 2. I’d like to believe that those who have watched the movie added log truck to their list of fears! 

Just recently, TikTok user @alow420 posted a video that shows a windshield smashed by a huge log, mimicking the scene shown above. The comment section was filled with mentions of the movie.

Kuwaresma (2019)

Kuwaresma, directed by Erik Matti, features veteran actors Sharon Cuneta and John Arcilla. 

The story sets when Luis (Kent Gonzales) went back to his hometown because Manuela (Pam Gonzales), his twin sister, died. Arturo, his dominant father, and Rebecca, his submissive mother, were avoiding the conversations about Manuela’s death. This made Luis find things out on his own and he unearthed dark mysteries within their home. 

Us (2019)

Directed by Jordan Peele, Us is a psycho-horror-thriller film that is devoid of jump scares but it definitely gave viewers goosebumps.

The story began when the young Adelaide Wilson went to an amusement park with her parents. Her mom went to the bathroom and her dad was too busy playing games. She was not paid attention to so she explored the park on her own. After minutes of walking, she reached the Hall of Mirrors. It was raining so she decided to enter the dark and empty hall. Despite being scared, she still went on walking inside until she found a child that looked exactly like her. 

Many theories were also made in relation to the power structure in society after the movie was released. 

Shake, Rattle, & Roll Series  

There are 15 Shake, Rattle, & Roll movies from 1984 to 2014 and I’m pretty sure we’ve watched at least one of them in our lifetime!

One of the most mentioned episodes from the film series is Episode 21: LRT of Shake, Rattle, and Roll 8. It features Manilyn Reynes as Jean and Keempee de Leon as Cesar. They were the last passengers who rode the LRT at night and the train suddenly stopped working. As the story progresses, they discovered an eyeless monster that eats the hearts of its victims. 

Hereditary (2018)

After the death of Peter Graham’s (Alex Wolff) grandmother, his family tries to cope in different ways. Peter became a pothead, his mom, Annie (Toni Collette) secretly attends a grief management circle. Charlie (Milly Shapiro), Peter’s younger sister, uses her notebook to cope; she also makes a weird clicking sound with her mouth. 

The family then discovered an eerie family secret that was revealed in the end. 

No-context PS: If you have a nut allergy, avoid nuts at all costs. 

Parasite (2019)

This multi-awarded film directed by Bong Joon-ho depicts the disparity between the rich and the poor. 

Parasite is considered one of the most brilliant films in recent history, from the storyline to the development and revelation of its characters. 

Sukob (2006)

Starring Claudine Baretto and Kris Aquino, Sukob is a story about two sisters, Sandy and Diane, who married within the same week. Based on Filipino superstition, it is considered as bad luck. 

As a series of misfortune and deaths among family members happen, Sandy and Diane need to work together to end the curse. 

Saw Series

John Kramer, disguised as Jigsaw, plays ‘games’ with his victims who were criminals and offenders. 

He abducts them and sets them in complicated traps that will either make them lose their limbs and other body parts if they fail to accomplish the quest given by Jigsaw. Some victims were set free, while others were killed. 

As of writing, the Saw franchise has already spawned a total of nine movies from 2004 to 2021. 

House of Wax (2005)

This is a story about a group of college friends who seek refuge in a ghost town after their car broke down while they were on a trip. 

They ended up in a wax museum that has a justifiably weird aura because the figures were real humans covered in wax.

This movie haunted me when I was young, it made me avoid mannequins in malls. *shivers*

Coraline (2009)

Coraline and her family moved into a new home so she did what a young girl would do- explore. She discovered a door that led her into an alternate universe with the same people in the world she initially lived in, except they were wicked and had buttons as their eyes. 

This is an animated film but children might get scared if they were to watch this. 

For more scary movie recommendations from CineSpaces, check out this thread: 

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