Globe Business champions innovations, strategic alliances through collaboration with health industry

Globe Business continues to provide innovative digital solutions to enable the success of small and medium business enterprises, despite the enormous challenges of the pandemic.

As a trusted business advisor, Globe Business believes that digital technologies can also play a pivotal role in the transformation of healthcare institutions, to promote efficiency, reduce cost, and achieve overall quality healthcare for Filipinos.

Maridol Ylanan, Head of Strategy and Marketing for Small and Medium Business, said that Globe Business is leading strategic partnerships and collaborations with the country’s healthcare sector to implement the right digital solutions for efficient transactions and services.

“We believe that strategic alliances and collaborations are critical in establishing digital innovations in the healthcare sector, achieve efficient and affordable services, and improve the overall quality of healthcare for Filipinos,” said Ylanan.

Globe Business is committed to work hand in hand with the country’s healthcare institutions in future-proofing their establishments through the use of digital expertise and tools such as Hospital Information System (HIS).

HIS, offered in partnership with HYBrain, is intended to support healthcare institutions in providing efficient and faster data sharing, effectively cutting down the time to complete transactions, and eventually reduce cost.

Healthcare institutions can use this solution to efficiently process the admission and discharge processes, tag and track their assets, manage their human resources, effectively create an ecosystem within the hospital and their private doctors, automate submission of eClaims, infection prevention monitoring and control, and so much more.

With the changing public expectations on safety, efficiency, and customer experience, coupled with the continuous evolution of digital healthcare technologies, and reinforced by the government’s push to modernize healthcare delivery, healthcare institutions must begin to consider the benefits of adopting a solution like the HIS. 

According to Ylanan, the HIS comes with onboarding, training, and extensive after-sales support to ensure customer success. “We are a partner in the digital journey of our healthcare institution customers and we want to make sure that they are able to maximize their investments,” said Ylanan.  

To make investments in digital solutions more accessible, Globe Business has partnered with BPI Business Banking to offer the Business Technology (BizTech) Loan Program, an exclusive term loan facility specifically for the purchase of ICT business solutions of Globe Business. 

“As the country’s trusted innovative partner, Globe Business is committed to support the digitization and future-proofing of healthcare institutions to create a better experience for both patients and healthcare providers, and improve their services at reduced operational cost,” said Ylanan.

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