5 must-watch Netflix shows raising SOGIE awareness

As we end this school year, a year full of sleepless nights, pending submissions, and stressful weekends, we look for ways to spend our time well, just chill, and not worry about anything.

Long vacations like these are just exactly what every student needs. Though we’ve been quarantined for almost a year and a half now, with online class, it just became more unbearable.

We just want to make the most of this time to let go of our worries, and do the things that we love doing.

However, after weeks or months of vacation, we find it hard for us to stay afloat and not get bored anywhere around. It just feels like everything is just the way it is and nothing is new, but with watching Netflix shows, everything is always new.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels

Watching Netflix series is not a new hobby for us to adapt because we already love it! We browse every genre it has, trends, and fresh releases.

But for this academic vacation, you might want to look at these interesting LGBTQ Netflix shows you can watch as you take a break from academics and get to learn more valuable things about life. 

1. Special

2 Seasons, 16 Episodes | 5/5

This is an original Netflix series that follows the life of Ryan after being hit by a car and starts an internship with a digital magazine. It determines important issues, especially living with cerebral palsy while redefining sexuality at the same time. The second season was released on May 25 and each season has eight episodes. Watch as Ryan overcome his fears and explore the world of queer and as he lives off independently without victimizing himself for his disability.

2. Elite

3 Seasons, 24 Episodes | 4.5/5

This is one of the most popular Netflix shows out there right now and indeed, a favorite one! It is a mystery and crime series that makes every episode thrilling and exciting. I like that we can see how all characters develop throughout the series and the introduction of new characters in every season. Of course, there’s not a good Netflix show without a queer representation. With season 4 on the release, we can’t wait to see how the mix of new characters will affect the storyline.

3. Feel Good

2 Seasons, 12 Episodes | 3/5

I personally don’t like romantic TV dramas but for this one, it definitely gave me butterflies in my stomach. It is a story between two women meeting in a bar and you get to follow their relationship’s ups and downs as they fall in love and discover dark truths about each other. I like that even if some scenes feel too emotional, the way that the characters portray their roles is just lovely. Watch it now as they release the second season on June 4.

4. Why are you like this

1 Season, 6 Episodes | 4.5/5

This is by far the queerest Netflix show of 2021 there is. It is a story of friendship and I like how the comedy mixed their viewpoints with politics and how they want to reform the system. I like that each character portrays different challenges faced in redefining their identities, romantic explorations, and uncertainties with adulthood. It is a very new Netflix show and it only has six episodes, that’s why you can finish this within a day.

5. Ride or Die

2h 22m | 4/5

Spoiler alert: I cried! Although it is a Netflix movie, it needs to be on the list. It follows the story of Rei as she learns that her former associate is suffering from domestic violence and ends up helping her with a very violent plot. It can also be a trigger warning so if you’re planning to watch this, make sure that you are really emotionally stable.

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Bernard Joel Victorio is a Marketing sophomore in the Adamson University and currently an editorial intern of SubSelfie.com.

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