‘Tayo Tayo’ is the official community pantry anthem

Music is a language of the soul, and for a group of progressive Filipino artists, it can also be a tool in bringing people together in this time of economic and political crisis.

Concerned Artists of the Philippines presents “Tayo Tayo,” a song inspired by the rise of community pantries, which counted 331 locations already, according to an open-source tracker

‘On Our Own’

Written by Edge Uyanguren, performed by Bachan, music by Mrk Estandarte, and translated to English by Karl Castro, “On Our Own” tells the story of the Filipino people struggling to survive during the longest quarantine in the world.

It is a story of the Filipino solidarity and a call to speak truth to power—a call for medical solutions and not lockdowns amid surging Covid-19 cases.

“At times like this, I think we need some melody to caress or to energize our spirits, to fuel our will to go on,” rapper Bachan told SubSelfie.com.

Cultural worker and artist Bachan

Bachan is a cultural worker and artist that makes rap songs about social issues and lives of ordinary people.

“Every song that I wrote starts with the question of what do the government have in store for us commoners,” Bachan said.

No wonder he took inspiration in writing a song about the solidarity of people at a time when government support is most wanted but lacking.

In addition to that, Bachan wanted “Tayo Tayo” to be a reminder that the purpose of community pantry is to serve the people and not any propaganda that the government has in mind.

“I think it’s also entertaining to have music being played while waiting among the long lines of people until it’s your turn to be served.” he added.

‘Sama-sama, tulong-tulong’

The song starts with a very powerful chorus verse that says “Sama-sama, tulong-tulong, tugunan and bayang gutom. Sama-sama, tulong-tulong, kaagapay sa pagtulong.”

“This is a song about a community rising up to continue their stagnated lives after being affected by this pandemic situation. Inspired by those who were still hopeful to build dreams and aspirations even without accepting anything from the government, the people can reach hand in hand to support each other’s family, loved ones and all,” Bachan said.

Especially in these trying times, music is a fuel that gets our engines running. We cannot imagine a life without the harmony it gives.Stream “Tayo Tayo” on SoundCloud.

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Bernard Joel Victorio is a Marketing sophomore in the Adamson University and currently an editorial intern of SubSelfie.com.

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