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I remember asking my relatives how hard it was for them to look and apply for a job.

They told me about going out of their way to go to career expos, traveling 20 to 30 kilometers away from home, just to get interviewed without any guarantee of being hired. Besides spending on fare and food, this was mentally and physically draining for them. 

But in today’s time since technology has given us so many benefits, it does make our lives relatively easier, most especially when it comes to looking for a source of income. Online selling, online trading, and even applying for a job can now be done online. 

Despite the several existing job platforms, most of them lack important features to make it user-friendly, but after more than a year of being a work in progress, PasaJob, the first referral-based job platform in the Philippines, had its media launch on April 21, 2021.

Closing employment gaps

PasaJob aims to address the unfilled job positions resulting to high unemployment rate. From 5.4% in July 2019, the unemployment rate increased to 8.8% as of February 2021.

A big factor contributing to the latest statistics was the adverse effect of the pandemic, making job hunts more relevant now more than ever. 

Aside from not meeting the needs of employers, job seekers were unaware of the available jobs because posting on job boards would cost the employers a lot. The only remedy to this was hiring through referrals. 

PasaJob in the long run

PasaJob Founder and Chief Executive Officer Kristen Mariano also said that in the Philippines, almost 40% of companies rely on manual employee referral programs. With PasaJob’s long-chain referral system and patented technology, referrals are now cost and time-efficient. 

“We want to have a far-reaching impact on people in terms of the number of persons provided work and earning opportunities,” Mariano said.

PasaJob took its time enhancing the important features of the app. Firewalls and other security measures were installed to avoid data breaches, an automatic real-time update of application status is made available, and its scalability is prioritized.

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Eddie Ybañez said that given PasaJob is a product of a tech startup, it will initially cater to NCR, but because of its scalability, its services can be extended nationwide and overseas. 

There is no geographical boundary with PasaJob. As long as the user is on the app but in a different country, they can still refer their networks who are based in the Philippines.

How does PasaJob work?

 Apply, refer, get paid. PasaJob ventures on these three things. 

Over 90 companies are currently on PasaJob and every job post has a corresponding referral fee. This makes it not limited only to job seekers, but also suitable for those who are looking for an extra source of income. “Raket na di kailangan ng puhunan,” Chief Strategy Officer Millie de Luna-Daluz emphasized. 

  1. Users can sign up via email, Facebook, or LinkedIn. 
  2. From there, you may opt to apply for a job or refer someone from your network by choosing a job on the job list. 
  3. Click the ‘Apply’ button to apply and the ‘Refer’ button to refer someone. 

Every referral gives the user a chance to earn if their referral gets hired. But if their referral has another referral, the first user who referred someone still gets a cut from the referral fee. 

PasaJob also has the PasaPoints feature wherein users can earn reward points through accomplishing in-app tasks such as:

  • Get Hired
  • Account Registration
  • Complete Profile
  • Open App Daily
  • Refer a Job
  • Apply for a Job
  • Points for Clicks
  • Share a Job

For those who are looking to expand their team, PasaJob has an employers’ app in which they could utilize to create job posts. For as low as P500, they can post on the job list in 2 ways: 

  1. Employers can post directly and pay the fee through a credit card transaction.
  2. For non-tech savvy employers, they can reach out to the PasaJob team to help them post and the bill arrangement follows.

Want to experience limitless pasabilities? Start it with PasaJob.

  • Email:
  • Contact Number: +63 995 257 8486
  • Mailing Address: 94 10th Avenue, Brgy. Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City 1109
  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn): pasajobph
  • For employers, visit on the web or download the PasaJob Employer app through App Store or Google Play. 
  • For users, visit or download the PasaJob app through App Store or Google Play. 

About the Author

Tricia Allyson Salvador is a Communication student from the University of Santo Tomas and currently an intern of

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