Help #CommunityPantryPH stock up through these suppliers, apps

In just over a week since AP Non put up her a humble community pantry in Quezon City, the grassroots movement has spread all over the country like a wildfire, tapping intro everyone’s generosity and compassion.

With more than 300 hundred pantries servicing around the country and counting, it is not too late to join and help the needy.  By simply placing a table outside of your homes and offering whatever you can give, it already is a big help for those who need it.

The #CommunityPantry is not a trend but rather an initiative to uplift the spirit of the Filipinos to help each other in this time of uncertainty.

For places where the restrictions are tight such as in Metro Manila, it is understandable that it is hard to help with the initiative because there are worries in going out just to buy these things to set up a pantry.

Luckily, these sellers found a way to solve that problem and help people to have access and establish a #CommunityPantry without going out of their way. 

Cordillera Landing on You – CLOY

The Cordillera Landing on You offers fresh goods from farmers in Baguio, Benguet and delivers them in Metro Manila.

They have put together a “Pantry Pack” promo for those who want to donate to their selected community pantries. It cost P100 per pack that contains a selection of fresh vegetables for the full benefit of the community.

The Community Seller

The Community Seller delivers fresh produce and offers Community Pantry Packs.

Each pack contains 3 kilos of various vegetables for P75, perfect for restocking any Community Pantry. You can have it delivered outside the comfort of your homes or to any Community Pantry location of your choice.

“In times like these, every little bit of help can go a long way for someone in need,” the Community Sellet said.

Finding community pantries

With hundreds of food banks already all around the country, you might be having a hard time tracking the nearest one to you where drop off the those needed items.

If you target pantries in Quezon City where almost every barangay has one, here’s an app to help you find one near you, that is an output of a youth-driven community initiative project.

It is called Sak.AI QC, a play on the Tagalog word sakay, which means to ride or aboard.

“Through the aid of the Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) incorporated into messaging platforms, we are able to provide the best commuting directions and multi-modal routes to cater transportation needs of our frontliners, medical or health workers and make things easier to general public commuters before and during the pandemic,” Sak.AI QC said on its website.

Let them help you put your soon-to-be-opened barangay pantry in the map, as they round up the locations of the ones now operating in Quezon City. Just shoot the a message them on Facebook.

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