Young Filipino artists you have to know about

Looking back on our early childhood days when we’re not yet very fond of gadgets, one of the first few things that our parents would get us are crayons, markers, and coloring books.

As it is inherent for children to be curious, explorations and experiments on the arts were made.

We would draw our families in stick figures, birds that looked like a mustache, and houses filled with colors. 

Some of us would also insist on scribbling on white walls, on every surface we can touch, and sometimes, even on our own skin!

From little Picassos to admirable modern-day artists

Most parents would scold their children for making a “mess,” but little did we know that fostering and nurturing this curiosity and creativity would soon give rise to the Filipino artists that we have now. 

We came across some of these Filipino millennial and Gen Z artists who shared their amazing works with us through Twitter’s #PortfolioDay, an online quarterly event that happens every second Tuesday of the month.

Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

Jamie Bauza

Jamie Bauza is a Manila-based artist who sells prints and handmade goodies. She finished BFA Information Design at Ateneo de Manila University. 

Jamie also received a Loyola School Awards for the Arts in Visual Arts (Illustration) and is a current member and former president of Ang Illustrador ng Kabataan.

She illustrated several children’s books such as Sandwich to the Moon, Masaya Maging Ako, and Kara at Play. 

Connect with Jamie Bauza

  • Website:
  • Instagram: @jamiebauza


Tee-Jay is a 19-year-old student activist of Cagayan State University. His talent came from his grandfather who was an artist just like him.

From making an artistic output for a school organization, Tee-Jay is now doing and accepting commissioned works while studying.

Tee-Jay’s specialization centers on vector illustrations using Microsoft Powerpoint and typography graphic design.  

Connect with Tee-Jay 

  • Twitter: @T33J4Y

Aprilyn Cunanan

Aprilyn Cunanan is a 27-year-old freelance Background Artist in TV Animation. At 10, she joined competitions in local grocery stores and realized she was good at coloring inside the lines. Her love for art progressed further to her teenage years until her parents encouraged and supported her to get a program that focuses on media arts.

Aprylin previously worked with Warner Bros. Animation, Broken Arrow Productions, and is currently working with Cartoon Network. 

In the long run, she wants to be a people-of-color art director for an animated show to represent the Asian American and Pacific Islander in the art scene. 

Connect with Aprilyn Cunanan

Arielle Guevara

From drawing on her mom’s books and on the walls covered with old newspaper or manila paper, Arielle Guevara is now a Character Designer and Illustrator at 22.


Arielle grew up not seeing characters that looked like her and this motivated her to showcase the diversity of people through her art. Arielle does digital artwork, gouache and watercolor painting.  

Connect with Arielle Guevara

Cas Aseoche

Cas Aseoche is a BA Digital Filmmaking student from De La Salle- College of Saint Benilde. He started doing arts when he was 7, alongside his older sisters who do drawings and paintings, too.

Cas does digital illustrations, character designs, traditional sketching, vector art, and gouache paintings. He also does and accepts commissioned works, from making stickers and prints, because he realized that people wanted personalized art more. 

Connect with Cas Aseoche

  • Ko-fi: aseocheviix
  • Twitter: @aseocheviix 

Jena Tornea 

Jena, also known as ARISING, is a BS Interior Design student at the University of the Philippines-Diliman. While studying, she also does freelance work as a graphic designer, specializing in type art. 

Jena started with decorating postcards using crayons and glitter glue when she was 3. Growing up, anime and cartoons became her inspiration to continue drawing.

Jena experimented with different media and software programs throughout her journey to get where she is now. 

Connect with Jena Tornea

These artists are undoubtedly talented and dedicated to their craft but is it really all fun and colors in this path?

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