Nutella and Via Mare Join Forces to Spread Christmas Cheer

All over the world, Christmas will not be the same this year. At the same time, Filipinos are a resilient population, and our Christmas spirit will continue as we go our merry way with our Christmas celebrations. Times have changed, however, impacting how we celebrate this season. With this in mind, Nutella has always been about spreading Joy and Optimism, and the brand recognises that tradition is very important for Filipinos, and they’ve found a way to continue to spread holiday cheer this year.

Over the years, Nutella has carried out campaigns that bring its core mission to the forefront, through breakfast campaigns and bread-pairing all over the world. This year, Nutella will drive the experience further through fresh pairings that are relevant to Filipinos. Nutella is bringing the all-day breakfast truck back into town and introducing a new pairing – the all-time Filipino Holiday favorites that make Filipino celebrations merry – Bibingka and Putobumbong. Add a delicious Nutella twist to these holiday classics and create new experiences this Christmas!

And what makes tradition even more exciting is the partnership with Via Mare who will bring Bibingka con Nutella to life. The partnership of these two brands will deliver a unique experience for their customers as they celebrate the merry Christmas season.

Ramon S. Roño, General Manager of Via Mare Corporation says, “Every year, our Bibingka and Puto Bumbong stand for the Paskong Pinoy spirit. It’s a dish our patrons hold near and dear to their hearts. With the partnership of Nutella – another brand close to everyone’s hearts – we’re excited to be able to serve our most beloved dish in a new way. A new twist to a Filipino classic. During unprecedented times like this, we’re glad, together with our partners in Nutella, to be able to give both new and old patrons a merry and bright Christmas experience.”

Filipinos will get to enjoy the Bibingka con Nutella through the All Day Breakfast Truck, made accessible as pop-up stores go up throughout the metro area.  The Nutella truck kicked-off at the start of December and will be travelling throughout the holidays so be sure to catch the Nutella All-Day Breakfast truck at these locations:

Dec. 11                        McKinley Hills

Dec. 12                        Dansalan Residence

Dec. 13                        California City Gardens

Dec. 17                        Laverti Residences

Dec. 18                        Burgos Circle

Dec. 19 / 20                Eastwood City

This new exciting holiday pairing will be available for take out or home delivery. For delivery, they can go to or visit facebook page – or place your orders here

Adding a little something new to traditional breads across the globe is a great way to reinvent breakfast and making meals tasty and exciting is what Nutella is all about. According to Nutella’s Regional Marketing Head, Cheryl Que “We want Filipinos to wake up happy and breakfast is a big factor, so we want to add something new to their traditional breakfast fare by introducing new pairings. We are starting off this Christmas season with Bibingka and Putobumbong, and soon we will be going around the Philippines to make more interesting pairings that will incorporate the regional Filipino culture.

So, this Christmas, take advantage of the holiday pairings. When you experience the Nutella Food Truck, take photos and create social media posts using the Nutella Food Truck and fun social media cards. Tag your posts with #nutellaph or #alldaybreakfast, and invite your friends to join in the fun!

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