Deep Cleaning vs COVID-19: Why You Should Try Pro Cleaning Service

Oh, quarantine. 

Remember back in March when we were psyched to juggle business and pleasure? As a positive and proactive reaction to being forced to stay at home, we thought that maybe this will give us more time to earn, maintain a livable home, and get back to hobbies and passion projects we’ve indefinitely left on pause. 

Image by Junjira Konsang from Pixabay

By now, many of us have reached peak homemaker levels with the plantita/plantito trend, the 6.6, 7.7,  8.8, 9.9 (and so on) Lazada and Shopee sales, and trying out the best avocado toast recipes available on Pinterest.  We try our best making our space homier since we spend most of our time here, especially for those who have the privilege to work from home. However, workload seems to mount more and Zoom calls drag endlessly, snatching the hours we dedicate to regular housekeeping. 

This and the growing consciousness on observing proper hygiene due to COVID-19 is where professional cleaning services come in. Among the new players out there is All-In Cleaning. Born out of pandemic necessity, the All-In Cleaning team promises “total cleaning and a 30-day microbe protection.”  

All-In Cleaning is an expert on-demand cleaning service offering a total solution designed to first deep clean and tidy up your home or office, then actively protect every surface from harmful microbes for weeks or even months at a time.

Microbe protection 

Their service starts by checking the contamination level of your home using a luminometer. The surface of your home’s most exposed part (e.g. a doorknob) will be swabbed to generate a reading: >200 being contaminated and <30 being food contact safe. After applying their anti-microbe spray, the team will swab the same area of your home to show the drop in contamination level. 

BEFORE AND AFTER. A luminometer is a device used in restaurants as a real-time hygiene monitoring tool for surfaces that come in contact with food. 

Compared to the one-time, short-term guarantee of disinfection, the All-In Cleaning team says that this microbe protection system will continue to kill microbes (including the coronavirus) for 30 days even after multiple washings. Coronavirus, including the SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19, is a family of viruses that causes mild to moderate respiratory illnesses. 

Clean space from every angle 

If you can only spare a few minutes cleaning or just couldn’t be bothered obsessing over the smallest dirty corner in your home, a professional deep cleaning service might just be something you think you didn’t need. Deep cleaning can remove the stubborn grime on bathroom tiles, kitchen counters, and areas occupied by hard-to-move furniture. 

All-In Cleaning Team on the job at a residential apartment

All-In Cleaning offers deep cleaning and other add-on services that suits your needs. Open to residential, office, and commercial spaces, it has customizable packages so you only pay for what you need. Their online booking system also allows clients to tick the services they need and get a price quote right off the bat. 

All-In Cleaning team in full protective gear as they disinfect Shooters Guns and Ammo’s business establishment

To give you peace of mind, their cleaning experts have also been thoroughly trained in the hospitality industry and World Health Organziation (WHO) standards, and geared with extensive personal protective equipment (PPE) for hygiene and safety. The team’s trainor is also WHO-certified in Infection Prevention and Control for COVID-19.

Quick and easy 

Needless to say that workers of these professional cleaning services are well-trained and equipped. One good bonus from the All-In Cleaning team is that their on-site staff are friendly and they do the job pretty quick with minimal disruption; even as they use industrial-strength equipment to clean your one-bedroom apartment while you are in the middle of work. 

All-In Cleaning’s upholstery shampoo steam service

Although a less stringent quarantine is in place and many establishments have opened, many of us might still be a little too wary going out. With such worry, we might have to stay at home longer than we think. Opting for a professional deep cleaning service like All-In Cleaning might just be the treat that you deserve after a hell season at work, when craving for a clearer headspace, or when you find it too impossible to squeeze in cleaning in your busy life. 

To learn more about All-In Cleaning Services, visit or

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