Nowhere Else But Tagum

Row of Palm trees greets locals and visitors of Tagum City | Tagum City Information Office and Tagum City Official Website

Home isn’t the place. It’s the people.

The fresh breeze blew my hair and big smiles greeted me. I was born in a different country, far away from the rest of my family. Therefore, I did not have even the slightest idea about how the community was like there.

We moved back to the Philippines in August 2011, and no words could explain how excited my family was. As I learned more about the city, I said to myself, “This is home.”

Welcome aboard! Welcome to the Palm Capital of the Philippines: the City of Tagum. It is the land of opportunities where individuals are united and help one another.

A grand entrance like no other will greet you as you enter Tagum. Rows of large and healthy palm trees can be seen on both sides of the road, giving a sense of nature. It brings excitement and makes the city more interesting to explore.

Tagum City’s New City Hall is a must-visit place. Many tourists are astonished with its unique structure and design.

Tagum City Hall | Tagum City Information Office and Tagum City Official Website

You can also find the Philippines’ tallest Christmas tree there that brings happiness to people during the Christmas season. 

Tagum City is home to the tallest Christmas tree in the Philippines. | Tagum City Information Office and Tagum City Official Website

Starving in Tagum City? No worries! There are lots of well-known eateries there. One of these is the Punong Restaurant where you can go fishing and enjoy eating fresh seafood. You are given the opportunity to have fun and satisfy your hungry desires at the same time.

The Bincungan River Cruise is also a well-known travelers’ destination. Many visit to witness the natural beauty of the river and for their leisure. Feel free to channel your inner Moana as you enjoy cruising on the clear waters.

If you want to be one with nature, Energy Park is the place for you. The green leaves of the big trees and plants complement the enjoyment brought by biking on the roads of the park. Lots of citizens and tourists come here to lay down on the grass to have picnics and bond with the special people in their lives.

Chilren enjoying a sunny day in Tagum City’s Energy Park | Tagum City Information Office and Tagum City Official Website

You may come across the world’s largest rosary beads in the City of Tagum. It is located in the Christ the King Cathedral. It is a great place to meditate and reflect about all the blessings we’ve received from Him. 

The world’s largest rosary beads are found in Tagum City. | Tagum City Information Office and Tagum City Official Website

Annually, we celebrate the UGMAD festival. It is a time when we appreciate and show our gratitude towards farmers, livestock caretakers, and fisher folks for all their hard work for our food security. There are many programs such as a parade of carabaos that were designed and painted and quiz bees.

UGMAD Festival is Tagumenos way of thanking and celebrating their local food producers. | Tagum City Information Office and Tagum City Official Website

During the month of March every year, we have the Musikahan festival. Individuals, especially children, are given the opportunity to showcase their talents. There are competitions such as batton twirling and chorale singing. 

The citizens of Tagum aren’t only talented, they are also hospitable. Tagumeños welcome everyone in the city with open arms. When you enter this lovely city, you find friends. You find family.

Tagum trikes line up with their all-smiles driver | Tagum City Information Office and Tagum City Official Website

Tagum City’s local government sacrifices their blood, sweat, and tears into ensuring the safety of the people, especially the children. 

The Sagop Bata Quick Action Team rescues minors who are still out in the public after the 10 pm curfew. They also established the Tagum City Council on the Protection of Children and the Barangay Council on the Protection of Children to make sure that the youth are protected from all types of harm and abuse.

Whenever I’m in Tagum, I know that I’m home.

My heart will always belong to this city. Even if I traveled the whole world, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.

About the Author

Winning first place in feature writing in the elementary level of the 2020 National Schools Press Conference held in Tuguegarao City last March, Megan Louise Lanciola Millan is a graduate of  Magugpo Pilot Central Elementary School. 

She enjoys reading, cooking, singing, and listening to music. She enjoys KPOP. 

An incoming Grade 7 at Tagum City National High School, Megan hopes to become one of the most successful lawyers in the Philippines.

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