In Pictures: #DefendPressFreedom Protest Greets Day 1 of Anti-Terror Law

ABS-CBN employees and supporters gathered Saturday in front of the network’s compound to voice out their protest against the Congress’ decision just 8 days ago.

Philippine lawmakers formally shut down one of the country’s largest broadcast network, the latest major blow against the news media as President Rodrigo Duterte cracks down on outlets that have been critical of his leadership.

After 13 hearings, a committee of the House of Representatives—most of the members are allied with Mr. Duterte—voted an overwhelming majority to deny ABS-CBN’s application for renewal of its broadcast franchise.

The network had been forced off the air in May, after the franchise expired.

“We remain committed to public service, and we hope to find other ways to achieve our mission,” said Carlo Katigbak, ABS-CBN’s president and chief executive, in a statement on Friday. He said the network was “deeply hurt.”

Mr. Duterte has accused ABS-CBN of bias, including favoring a political opponent in the 2016 election, and had earlier warned that he would not allow the renewal of its franchise.

About the Author:

Anjo Lapresca is UP Fine Arts alumnus who became a freelance commercial photographer and director seeking contribution to the community of journalists through images and stories.

Anjo’s works mainly focus on environmental portrait photography.
Also works as partner / photographer at Alivve Studios production house.

A musician and a humanitarian.

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