The Urgency of Moving On

It was a difficult step towards another chapter. The dawn has been breaking on me for years, and I was hoping that one day,  a ray of sunshine would lead me to the easiest way out. It had been a battle between my mind and heart, to choose between which is which and to decide in the middle of what is what.

To breathe is to be with you— for years. I thought planning was the best way to make things right, but it was proven wrong when pieces of the puzzle slowly went missing from the frame. I tried putting those pieces back but fate made me realize that the world would still have nights and days even without the word “us.”

I went out from the ambit of my emotions, and then bit by bit, I built memories which do not include you.

Stories like ours aren’t the same like those in the “secret files,” because those can never be rewritten; they can never have the fallback of an “edit post.”  What we have are like the Facebook memories shown in our timelines year after year… reappearing in our hearts when we thought it was all over.

Yes,  it’s difficult. But as what a lot of people say to me: I need to move on. It breaks me the most, but I have to end this delusion, this illusion.

Many experience the same or even worse than what I had,  but we must all realize that the world will always give us the hardest of situations.  Life will give us pain we thought we can’t handle. But we can. And we’ll bloom like the most resilient flower in the desert or shine bright like the most enduring of diamonds.

[Entry 250, The SubSelfie Blog]

About the Author:

Keive Ozia Casimiro

Keive Ozia Casimiro is the Director of Liceo di San Lorenzo in Sta. Maria, Bulacan. He is also an Author and Consultant for San Antonio Publishing. He has also held stints as an Accreditor for PACUCOA and as Management Consultant for Jesus Is Lord Colleges Foundation.

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