The Transgender Couple

The Transgender Couple. Photos by Gerald Gloton for

Our pseudo-conservative society will judge them and the mysoginists will bash them.

But for Pau and Aiju, both 25, they simply made a decision to choose, and that is to choose love—no matter how cliché it may sound.

These lovers met only days after Valentine’s Day in 2015. The last two years was not smooth sailing for them, but it was the happiest ride of their lives.

Remember what people say? Love knows no boundaries. Love knows no gender.

This is a story of how love wins for a couple who, incidentally, are transgenders.


Pau Velasco and Aiju Balancio met online in 2015 through a common friend. It all started with a private message.

Pau is a transgender woman, and Aiju, a transgender man. 

It was Aiju who courted Pau. “I was full of doubts and fear that time, but he makes me feel so special and loved,” said Pau.


A little after a month of panliligaw, the online romance became official. 

Aiju is the first transman Pau encountered, and since then for her, “every little thing he does is magic.”

The couple is surrounded too by love and support from their family and friends.


Pau is the girlfriend, and Aiju is the boyfriend. For Pau, “I don’t see any difference with other couples out there.”


“Don’t waste your time finding the right one. Focus on yourself, and let the right one find you,” Pau advises.


“We’re just like any other couple in the world,” says Aiju.


When asked why he chose Pau, Aiju says: “I don’t know. I just know that I love her so much, and I keep falling in love with her everyday no matter what our differences and disagreements are. No matter what your identity is, don’t be afraid to love.”

Aiju has this to say for the hopeless romantics out there: "No matter what your identity is, don't be afraid to love."

Aiju has this to say for the hopeless romantics out there: “No matter what your identity is, don’t be afraid to love.”

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About the Photographer:

Gerald Gloton is a Crisis Team Officer and visual story teller. Gerald is impassioned in capturing moments from field assignments and framing portraits of his subjects who have various messages for the world to witness.

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