Why I Chose to Run

Why I Chose to Run. Written by Justin Joyas for SubSelfie.com.

Every weekend at around 5pm to 6pm, I run at the UP Academic Oval. Why that place? I don’t know. There is a certain charm in UP at the hours leading to twilight. The drop of yellow, then orange, then red from the setting sun paints a haze into the surrounding.

The glow of street lights shine amidst shadows of green and blue. And my pale self, a sucker for wonders in color and form, is transported into a place that could have been in a painting but is not.

I snap back to the mortal world. My legs throb and my back aches. My breathing increases as I take one fast step after another. I sweat, yet I am cooled by the wind that touches me for a moment before passing.

As I keep running, figures become blurs and sounds shift to silence. Then, out of the blue, that feeling hits me like a bullet. It is a feeling of satisfaction, of drive and adrenaline, of being like the Flash even for a short time. The feeling of being super human, invincible and capable of something more.

I like that feeling. It is something that I do not get at work or at home. It is the peak of pleasure and the absence of pain. It is just something that I keep looking for and coming back to. It is my drug.

So just keep running, buddy. Keep running.

About the Author:


Justin Joyas is a contributor for SubSelfie.com and was part of the original roster that founded the site. Presently, he is a User-Generated Content Producer for YouScoop and GMA News. He also studied Mobile Journalism at  Konrad Adenauer ACFJ. He’s a newsroom ninja and protector of the realm who also wanders a lot. Literature 2008, DLSU. Read more of his articles here.

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